May 6 2009 9:30am

Black Strings

A tale of despair and elevation, music and warfare, from the Canadian cartoonist and fine artist, Ray Fawkes.

2. Mr.Wright
Reminded me why I teach music...great work!
Brian Slattery
3. brianslattery
Not to get all music nerdy on this, but given the instruction "da capo" at the end of the piece, shouldn't the right-hand navigation arrow take us back to the first page?
4. BlissMorgan
Twisted and evocative in concept and allusion and word, this art has made me at once sick and full of hope.

Thank you for it.
Rene Sears
5. rene
This is absolutely lovely. Thank you.
6. J3
Hey there Ray
Amazing stuff, as always.
Richard Fife
7. R.Fife
Very enjoyable. I loved the "Da Capo" at the end. A bitter joke for any of us that have played music.
8. Georgia M.
That was wonderful, in the terrifying, full-of-desperation sense. I love it. Thank-you.
9. dangoldman
Your skills blew me away in 9 pages, how perfectly circular, gutting, gorgeous. I had no idea your painting skills matching your writing... Wow.
10. Flea
There is great beauty here. Thank you.
11. RayFawkes
Many thanks to all of you for the kind comments.
James Goetsch
12. Jedikalos
Very beautiful. I am glad to have read it. Puts me in mind of "Leaf by Niggle" by Tolkien. Thank you.
13. Carpe Omnium
Absolutely beautiful! Thank you!
Jordan Rice
15. jordice
These are the kind of stuff I really enjoy. Thanks
17. Lee Schlosser
this was amazing. the part with the giant devil actually surprised me and i said '' oh shit '' outloud =] cuz i didnt see the little figure and crowd down below at first.
18. snyder
My favourite piece on this site. I still come back to it from time to time.

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