Apr 15 2009 1:52pm

The Wheel of Time #0: Dragonmount, coloured and lettered

Tor Books is pleased to preview the first 10 finished story and art pages plus cover to “Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time #0: Dragonmount,” courtesy of the Dabel Brothers. The book features art by Chase Conley and is adapted to comics by Chuck Dixon. Look for the book to hit stores everywhere May 13th. 

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Blake Engholm
1. UncrownedKing
So sweet. When is this coming out? Saw the Ender's Game comic at Barnes n Noble yesterday. Thats pretty good too.
Luke M
2. lmelior
The Dabel Brothers website says May 13th.

I wish they had a close up of the cover with LTT too. I'm not familiar with Egwene's prologue from the Young Adult version.
Sacha G
3. Fortune_Prick_Me
This is better that I'd thought it would be... Egwene's green scarf is a nice touch. Although Rand on page 4 in the last panel seems to be trying to "bond" that sheep.
ben Frey
4. ben Frey
Rand's first dialog balloon has a typo in it! "HIS IS THE LAST ONE FOR NOW, MAT" should say "THIS IS THE..."

Wait. That's the first dialog in the entire series...I hope they get that fixed before they go to press!
ben Frey
5. robbadler
I'm in for one. Looks pretty good to me. Dragonmount wanted to do a film/animation of the prologue to TEOTW, but didn't really get off the ground. This is a great step in that direction.
Adam White
6. Gorgonzo
How is it these guys are still making comics, let alone getting big licenses like WoT? There is truly no justice in this world sometimes.
Amar Ramraj
7. aiel1219
@3. Fortune_Prick_me
I thought that looked a bit wierd as well. Anyone with some sheep-herdin xp out there?? is that the SOP for movin sheep along???
Richard Fife
8. R.Fife
@7 Aiel: It is if you are welsh. People have said the two rivers are supposed to be similar to an idylic english countryside, much like JRR Tolkien's Shire. Hmmm

@6 Gorgonzo: Care to qualify your remark? I'll admit that some of the interpretation is not quite what I had in my head, but one always expects that with interpretation of books. What is it in particular about the Dabel Brothers that has you dissatisfied?
Dan Sparks
9. RedHanded
What is the point of this story? Is it from New Spring or something? Some of the dialogue was Rand and Mat's conversation. You don't really get a sense of the characters, at least I didn't.
Dan Sparks
10. RedHanded
A King of Sheep! Ha!

Wow. Just wow.

Maybe i'm being too critical but if the dialogue was like that in the Wheel of Time I don't think I would make it past the first book. Comic books are short yes...but honestly that's all the more reason for them to try to suck you in and get you hooked and for that it needs to be interesting. I'll keep giving it a chance because i love WoT but damn.
Richard Fife
11. R.Fife
Ravens was the additional prologue written for the YA version of tEotW ("To The Blight" I think was what it was called). The other additional prologue RJ wrote was "The Strike at Shayol Ghul" used in the split up version of The Great Hunt. Note, I have never actually touched these books, although Leigh did link to TSaSG in one of the recent reread posts. Ravens might be on that site as well, dunno. Regardless, it was written for a YA audience more than the mainstream, and the characters are like 9 years younger than the start of Eye.
Amar Ramraj
12. aiel1219
If you're interested you could read Ravens here,
ben Frey
13. swmdilla
The graphics are really great to see. I like seeing how others picture the characters. but im going to have agree with some that the dialogue is not up to par. Actually, for me, it't quite terrible. I have read ravens so i know whats going on, but even then. Maybe cause i read the real thing this just can't compare? idk.
ben Frey
14. Giantgumball
I think the comic itself was great. The story it's representing is a bit of an obscure one but die-hard fans know it. It's a story about the Ravens visiting the Two Rivers when the kids were all a bit younger. The eyes of the Dark One, if you were.

What I find a bit off-putting, is that they disclose too much info too fast. The book exposed info slowly, whereas these first pages have a small info-dump right off the bat.

Anyway, I'm waiting for more...
Blake Engholm
15. UncrownedKing
It is a comic book and they dont have space that we normally deal with. We have to realize they get 10 pages for info that might take up 100-200 pages of the real book. (that may be exagerated but the point gets across)
Melissa Ann Singer
16. masinger
Meant to say this a couple of days ago . . . thanks for pointing out the typo, which has been reported to the Dabels and will be fixed. I hadn't looked at the text myself at that point, so I appreciate that it was noticed @4.

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