Mar 18 2009 12:32pm

Wheel of Time: Dragonmount #0

 Check out this preview of the first issue of the Dabel Brothers’ adaptation of Robert Jordan’s Eye of the World: Dragonmount #0!

Even with the script by Chuck Dixon still to come, Chase Conley’s art has a lot of narrative and emotional oomph—just look at the cover! The comic moves at a pretty good clip, too, opening on Emond’s Field’s Bel Tine preparations; we meet, I think, Egwene (can’t be Nynaeve—no stick, no scowl) and the creepy raven, then the three boys, and I’m pretty sure that’s Tam al’Thor in the beautiful storytelling panels. I can’t wait to see Moiraine and Lan and Thom Merrilin, too!

1. Erdrick
That's a very young Egwene carrying a water bucket in the pre-Dragonmount prologue "Ravens."
Blake Engholm
2. UncrownedKing
FINALLY! A picture of a Trolloc that isn't a man with a animal helmet! This must be earlier in their childhood. Maybe one of the early Padan Fain trips he took post going to SG in search of the Ta'varen (I thought that he said there were three trips prior to the Trolloc raids in TEoTW)

Really Good
3. Erdrick
I just looked it up; she's nine here. This came out in the new first half of EoTW (marketed for young adults) called "From the Two Rivers." I prefer the shock you get starting the books with the original prologue "Dragonmount," but I can see how this works to set up the comic. I think the artwork is excellent, and can hardly wait to get my own copy.
Richard Fife
4. R.Fife
Yar, looks very nice. I also like the promo art they have up over at encylopedia-wot. Two nice color pictures, one at the end of the AoL with the 13 Forsaken standing behind LTT, and another the 13 Forsaken standing behind Rand al'Thor (mildly altered into their 3rd age personas)
Megan Messinger
5. thumbelinablues
Here are the two pictures R.Fife mentioned, and they do look cool, even though I realized when I was unable to recognize a SINGLE Forsaken that I have some re-reading to do, or at least re-reading Leigh's re-reads....
Richard Fife
6. R.Fife
Hrm, luckily, the pictures are in mirror order. So, going left to right, front to back, in the Rand pic, you have:


Although, I am a bit in doubt over Moghedian and Mesaana. I picked those two that way cause I recall Moghedian being refered to as being slightly more plain and middle-aged looking than Mesaana. I also think she was described as having dark eyes, not blue.
7. YoSoyElJosh
I believe the dark hair girl almost in the center of the picture is Moghedian.

But then, my interpretations of many of the characters are now influenced by Seamas' artworks.
Richard Fife
8. R.Fife

Twice mentioned blue eyes, and the char sketched in there are from the comickers. That mystery solved.
9. RobMRobM
The plot of the Ravens prologue (as I remember it)is a monologue by a nine year old Egwene about how she's striving to be the best water carrier ever and, indeed, be the best and earliest girl to do everything in the Two Rivers; she passes by the women of Two Rivers doing various forms of work (including Nynaeve who is assisting the Wisdom); she heads over to where the men with some help from the boys are shearing sheep; there's a little bit of interaction between Egwene and the boys; they all take a break and the boys ask for a story about adventure and false dragons; and Tam says that he'll tell a story (over Cenn Buie's objections) about the real Dragon, Lews Therin. The odd element is that throughout the tale, there are lots of ravens watching the Two Rivers folk.

Very telling in its character study of Egwene as a driven, Type A striver; and as a kid friendly telling of the story of Lews Therin, the attack of Shayol Gaul, and the taint on saidin. Interesting and worth seeking out. Rob
Scott Sherris
10. ssherris
Why does Lews Therin look like a fat old middle-aged couch potato, while the forsaken look like dandies from the 1920's?
11. Latecomer
13 Forsaken?

Such a significant number for WOT and its the first time I realised it - DOH!

I recognised all the women and some of the men. I always forget about Aginor and Balthamel.

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