Mar 2 2009 9:46am

Marvel Excerpts: Daredevil #116

Marvel Comics

Here is a 7-page excerpt from the latest issue of Daredevil. Issue #116 is written by none other than Ed Brubaker and pencilled by David Aja. This issue marks the beginning of the much-anticipated “Return of the King” storyline, and it officially hits the stands this Wednesday. In the meantime, enjoy our sneak peek!

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Anthony Schiavino
1. Anthony Schiavino
This book continues to be a fantastic read month after month. I also highly recommend Captain America, and Criminal written by the same author, Ed Brubaker.
Dave Thompson
2. DKT
Nice. Very, very nice.

It's been a while since I read DD...dropped out after Daredevil went to Paris (or was it Spain). But this makes me want to get back in. It really was one of the best running comics for years.

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