Feb 20 2009 9:30am

Montmartre a trois

Just in case your Valentine's Day was too sickly sweet, here's a creepy…I mean, romantic…I mean, creepy comic to help you recover.

"Montmartre à trois" is copyright © 2009 by Wesley Allsbrook.

Kyle O
1. Kyle O
Never stop making these. That's the kind of comic that lends itself to reading after reading after reading.

Blake Engholm
2. UncrownedKing
I have no clue what just happened in this comic
Jason Ramboz
3. jramboz
Umm... okay. I was kinda following it up till the end. But apparently the last two pages were drawn my someone with the initials "WTF."
Kyle O
4. science
Beautiful narrative, wonderful drawing. Keep them coming.
Kyle O
5. Aram K
wow. wonderful drawings, compositions, colors, and atmospheres!!! What else do we need. While I was seeing the pages after pages, I was thinking, "This isn't creepy at all!!! These are so beautiful!!! " and I reached the final two pages, and I thought, "Oh...this is creepy."
Excellent work!!
Kyle O
6. Chris Buzelli
Wesley strikes again. Each page is a masterpiece! I'm so jealous of the freedom that Wesley draws with. The last page forced me to go back to figure out the missing torso. Toulouse-Lautrec meets Hitchcock Awesome!
Kyle O
7. Crush
...I don't get it.

I like it, it's lovely, but I don't get it.
Brady Allen
8. akabrady
@1 Reading implies there are words.
@4 The same goes for narrative as opposed to drawing.

Maybe I missed them.

My first response was, "Can I get the last few minutes of my life back?"

So I perused it again just to be sure, and my second response is, "And can you add these ones to the order?"
eric orchard
9. orchard
Beautiful and atmospheric. This type of narrative really works well for online reading.
Kyle O
10. Francisco G
Beautiful! awe inspiring.... & tasty! kinda don't get what happens towards the end though...
Kyle O
11. TooTight
The three dancers are mystical beings of some kind (the muses?) destroyed when one sleeps with a human man.
Kyle O
12. calrizzle
-pictures in comics require reading. can you read a face or gesture on a person without words?
-narrative does not require text. Look it up
"representing stories or events pictorially "

Im not sure I know what finally happened, but I dont really care!!!

Beautiful artwork, great flow and pacing, much emotion in the mark making..I would love to see more!
Invisible Cheese
13. MatOdin
... I have absolutely no idea what this is about.
Kyle O
14. LaurenIpsum
My interpretation is that every night the three dancers combine together to form a single entity, the one dancer who awakes alone in bed in the morning. Perhaps using the magic of the vanity mirror, she divides again into three separate dancers, upon waking. One of these three dancers is attracted to a violinist, and her two sisters violently discourage this. One possibility is that these three dancers represent the single, combined dancer's conflicting desires, or even split personalities, and she is is torn in her feelings towards the violinist. When one of the three dancers runs away to spend the night with the violinist, the three dancers, no longer in the same bed, are unable to recombine safely. Each one turns into a separate section of the single dancer's body (head, torso, legs), and left unconnected they die.
There are several ways to interpret the reality of the three dancers: a single dancer uses a magic mirror to turn herself into three dancers capable of dancing in unison together and enthralling the public. Or, the three dancers are manifestations of the single dancer' inner desires and feelings, or of split personalities, and are only able to be seen by the reader, not the bystanders in the story.

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