Jan 19 2009 9:03am

Yes We Will

In anticipation of tomorrow's presidential inaugural, Dan Goldman extrapolates a psychedelic, science-fictional scenario from a catchy campaign slogan and the millenial apocalyptic notions of pre-columbian astronomers.

© 2009 Dan Goldman

Dean Haspiel
1. Dean Haspiel
OMAC to the next level. I love it, Dan!
Dean Haspiel
2. Alice Bain
Great stuff. McKenna would be proud.
Dean Haspiel
3. Billy Gray
Holy crap, Dan, that was awesome!
Dean Haspiel
4. Omar Angulo
Great short Dan, really digging the pacing and storytelling..not to mention the story itself!!

Novelty theory, Timewave Zero and Obama all wrapped up in one?? You truly are a comics monster!
Dean Haspiel
6. Tim Hamilton
That's cool. I was sucked in. There's more to come yes?

And in the future, Obama still hasn't beat the
cancer sticks!? Sucks for him.
Dean Haspiel
7. Wendalyn
This was the bandaid on my crap day. Strange and beautiful little piece all around. Thanks, dude.
Marian Paul
8. Ceroth
That was one minute of my life I will never get back. What a Major League Barf.
Dean Haspiel
9. Andrew Dimitt
perfect Dan!
I had no idea what you had in store and I'm glad:)
Dean Haspiel
10. hector casanova
sweetness! the paradigm shift for our superorganism Gaia consciousness ushered in through the power of comics and Obama!
Dean Haspiel
11. Daniel - Perth
Not to slag on the creativity of this work. Or for the matter the quality of the drawings themselves, but...
This kind of "singularty" SF sends me to sleep and/ or revulses me. I think you need to have a very impoverished view of what a human being can be, what the human spirit is capable of, to think that it can in any way be augmented or improved through some kind of "fusion" with technology, whatever that would even mean.
Dean Haspiel
13. RichL
Feels like you've been mainlining whatever Warren Ellis has been smoking, Dan. Good stuff!
Dean Haspiel
14. Scott Mills
Can't wait!
Dean Haspiel
15. Bill Stills
Are we there yet?
Dean Haspiel
16. J Rock
Know what I'm sayyyyyin'!!!
Dean Haspiel
17. Magic Eye
I'm certainly open to a cosmic unfolding!
Dean Haspiel
18. bobitbobby
You've actually managed to make Obama uglier and creepier.

I'm going to have nightmares about that last image.
Dean Haspiel
19. Steverino
You've actually managed to make me believe that Comedy Central will be able to keep John and Stephen for four more years!!!!
Dean Haspiel
20. Rickity Cricket
does this mean that the homeless will have internet soon?
Dean Haspiel
21. cheezburger in paradize
I can haz enlightenmeant?
Dean Haspiel
22. King Mob
Nice and Smooth.
Dean Haspiel
23. ZooBot
Love is the Law. Hail Eris.
Dean Haspiel
24. tristan eldritch
To Daniel from Perth: the "human spirit" has been augmented and improved upon by fusion with technology since the beginning of time. Heard of tool-making, writing, the printing press, medicine?
To Dan Goldman: right on!
Dean Haspiel
25. wha?
Six panels of crap without the seventh-panel punchline is kind of... lacking.

At least I've got some new clipart around which to build parodies.
Dean Haspiel
27. Alan C. Baird
So lemme get this straight: "the change we can believe in" is that Obama turns white?

Al ;-)
Dean Haspiel
29. frewon
I can see religion falling all over itself now proclaiming Obama definitely is the anti-christ wanting to take us to a different dimension than what has been the proclaimed heaven with pearly gates and golden streets with all the "angels" proclaiming "He is LORD". Surely this is the fulfillment of the "Book of the Revelation!" Are we really ready for this? There has to be a beginning of the revelation of the truth of the unity of man with his Creator sometime. Let the games begin!! Love still transcends all.
Dean Haspiel
30. Kelley2012
All the impending doom and gloom along with First Contact just doesn't seem to hold a candle to watching The King of Cool usher in the Age of Aquarius in pink bunny that's something to stick around for. :)
Tomas Andersson
31. Tirpen
That was weird.
But the good kind of weird.
I liked it.
Dean Haspiel
32. DrMike
No one is getting an "upgrade" The Doctor defeated the Cybermen to keep us safe from "upgrades"!
Rudi Dewilde
33. BalRatMort
Just like Obama has started smoking something else ;-)
Loved it, the story and the drawings. Ace!
Want more, more I said...
Dean Haspiel
34. teh35576
Obama as a time traveling savior who jumps back in time to before the singularity in order to help with the technorapture...

And then ascends in bunny slippers to become that savior...

I LOVE! You and Warren Ellis must give me whatever gets you high!
Mike Rice
35. dolo724
Reminded me of Childhood's End by the Great Clarke, but with creamy filling!
Dean Haspiel
36. Common Sense
Wow..that was so stupid I can't believe I wasted my time reading it! And yet there are apparently a ton of pin-heads out there that think this ridiculous story was interesting (it wasn't) because you actually think Obama is something more than a talentless young hack that is going to drive our country into poverty and socialism to the cheers of the ignorant masses...

Ever hear of "Crystal Night"? It was one of thee defining points in history when desperation of a people was turned to the advantage of evil men..."Never waste an emergency..." and Obama and crew have convinced the blind, ignorant masses that unless we act NOW with a trillion in spending, we are all doomed. Pathetic...the death of America is at hand...and we are supposed to take delight in this notion through stupid cartoons? Pathetic..
Leonardo Falaschini
37. LeonardoF
and BTW, I absolutely agree with Deathman about humanity as a final product.
Dean Haspiel
38. Kommon Zenze
"Pathetic...the death of America is at hand..."

It was about time!
Dean Haspiel
39. kylejk
It is weird how everything seems to be converging now. The Sigularity has been theorized of in many studies and I wonder if maybe 2012 is the year. It would be quite a bit sooner than is expected by many...
Kacie Pettit
40. Kacie
This comic was the good kind of weird but also the culmination of all the stupidity enveloping the world around me. Sadly, this seems to be what people see their future as and it just makes me giggle helplessly.
Dean Haspiel
42. fit2post
May Elvis open the next installment.
Dean Haspiel
44. Rafael Roldan

Que obra-prima, cara! Apaixonei no teu estilo!!

Totalmente SMI2LE, até me fez lembrar um gibi do Batman do Pepe Moreno, o "Digital Justice".

Quero beber dessa fonte!!

Valeu mesmo por nos brindar com ela!!!!

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