Jan 9 2009 1:00pm

Great Uncle George’s Will

When Henrietta is summoned to her Great Uncle George’s house, the last thing she expects is a magical adventure rife with treachery, fine fare, and contract law. But that’s what she’s going to get!

1. JayeRandom
That's fantastic! Loved the Crowley-hat.
Imola Unger
3. Starry
Haha, don't even remind me of canned fruit... Genius story, prompts me to write about food in fantastic fiction. (And on another note, to raid the fridge.)
René Walling
4. cybernetic_nomad

What a great story I've always been a big Andi Watson fan and once again, he doesn't disapoint
5. Bobby Nash
That was very cool.

Megan Messinger
6. thumbelinablues
I love the line about taking her broadsword! Cute comic. :-)
7. overtheseatoskye
Ooh, the drawings of food are delicious! I'd love to see more of this.
8. Nentuaby
A lovely little bit of unclassifiable... Something. But lovely. :)
9. Rene S.
Thanks for posting this. Delightful and whimsical. And the color washes are lovely.
Emma Bull
11. emmabull
Wonderful! Hen is a great character, and I'd love to see more of Mrs. Atkins, as well. Any chance of another adventure?

(I was a big fan of Slow News Day, so I'm extra-pleased to see this goodie on my desk.)
12. V47
never read Andi Watson before, but now I've found him, I will again!
Angel Banchev
14. Tiranas
lovely story and the bit about the broadsword was priceless :) i would too love to see another adventure of Hen :)
15. chad keeton
very good story, and the artwork is superb... keep up the good work.
Joanna Estep
16. Jou
Delightful! .... and it sort of makes me hungry.
Christopher Hatton
17. Xopher
I'm troubled by the inconsistencies in this story. If Mrs. Atkins could contrive to burn cornflakes, why not fruit salad?


Seriously, what a delightful (and delightfully surreal) story! I second (or third, or whatever ordinal we're up to now) the idea of more, more, more stories about Hen and her family. Between the bracelets and the light opera company, it's hard to see where I'd ever get tired of them.

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