Nov 6 2008 2:11pm

An Inordinate Fondness for Sweetie 'n Me

Among Joel Priddy’s finest creations are the charming mad scientists December and Elias, who feature in his always-excellent “Sweetie ‘n Me” shorts. is pleased to bring you an all-new story featuring this charming couple and a few skittery guest stars. For more about D&E, please see the Sweetie ’n Me section of Joel's blog—especially “Posthuman Poesies from Sweetie ’n Me”—or pick up AdHouse Book's Project Romantic anthology for four more stories.

Copyright 2008 Joel Priddy.

Ruby Blotzer
1. angellemarcs
Very creative, even though I now feel a bit creepified. LOL!!!
4. bootsie
Such an AMAZING mind and IMAGINATION!!!!!
Joshua Starr
6. JStarr
Yay. Missed this the first time around, but it's great.
7. ~ Sil in Corea
What an imagination! Gotta love them crawlin' creepies...heheheh!
8. Fahad
Wow! Such a great strip!
I have been in a creative rut during the last few days, but this has definitely inspired me. Thank you!
By the way, the color palate you chose is absolutely marvelous!

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