Oct 3 2008 9:58am

Better Zombies Through Physics 02

Join us for chills, thrills, and pulse-pounding scientific breakthroughs as we embark on a tour of the Quantum Zombie, Inc. facility, courtesy of a guy who bears a striking resemblance to famed scientist and cat-lover Erwin Schrödinger. Hijinks, hilarity, and an abundance of felines await you in’s newest comic strip.

Links to previous episodes are here.

(c) 2008 Jim Ottaviani and Sean Bieri

lif strand
1. fasterhorses
I breathlessly await next week's Chapter to find out how to *really* make zombies!
Wendy Collard
2. bnibbler
Which kills the cat...or not. *cracks up*
That's so very, very sick, though.

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