Aug 5 2008 2:11am

Old Flames Flare for Sweetie ’n Me

Among Joel Priddy’s finest creations are the charming mad scientists December and Elias, who feature in his always-excellent “Sweetie ‘n Me“ shorts. Tor.com is pleased to bring you its second all-new story featuring this charming couple and some very creative science. For more from D&E, please see our story “An Inordinate Fondness For Sweetie ‘n Me“, check out the Sweetie ’n Me section of Joel's blog, or pick up AdHouse Book's Project Romantic anthology for four more stories.

Copyright 2008 Joel Priddy.

Joshua Starr
3. JStarr
Whee. This is awesome. I especially like page 2.
mark heath
5. mark heath
Fun to look at, fun to read, paper robots, and the return of the grooming bugs. Perfect.
mark heath
6. Decomprose
Beautifully drawn and intelligent relationships. Nicely done!

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