I grew up on Burrough’s “Tarzan”-series, followed by the works of Seton-Thompson, Scott and Stevenson (still love those). And though I have always loved stories with fantastical elements (fairy-tales! yaay!), my serious dip into fantasy came when inspired by the trailer of “The Fellowship of the Ring” I picked up “The Lord of the Rings”. Devoured them (months before I managed to see the movies), love them ever since. Then discovered “The Wheel of Time”, which made me read fantasy in English and a bit later led me to the work of Brandon Sanderson, and the rest, as they say, is history. All these books (and a lot others) have influenced my life immensely (not only by means of reading material but also by means of some choices I have made in my life), and I am grateful that there are so many fantastic and talented writers who give me along with all the other readers a chance to be a part of these amazing worlds and adventures.

I am a dreamer, and one of my dreams would see me spinning out a published story of my own one day (gee, what a surprise, eh? :) ), but since I haven’t managed to produce anything longer than about 5000 words so far and even those are probably mediocre at best, the day that would see this happen is still in the hazy future lightyears away. In the meantime, I am totally grateful and happy that some brilliant people have created such a wonderful place as tor.com. Even though I have never met or actually talked to anybody here, I still feel like a part of some big, happy family. So here’s for you, tor.com bloggers and commenters (and anybody who might happen to actually read this)! Cheers! :)