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May 10 2014 9:00pm

Announcing the 2014 Spectrum Fantastic Art Award Winners

The winners for the 21st edition of the Spectrum Fantastic Art Annual were announced this evening at the grand Midway theatre in Kansas City, at Spectrum Live, a weekend long celebration of fantastic art.

The Spectrum awards are chosen from over five thousand entrees. This year’s jurors were Cory Godbey, Anthony Kosar, George Pratt, Shelly Wan, and Allen Williams.

Congratultions to everyone, in particular Tran Nguyen for her gold medal on “Insects of Love,” a Tor.com short story coming later this month!

[The gold and silver medalists are...]

May 7 2014 7:07pm

Announcing the 2014 Locus Award Finalists

Locus Magazine has announced the finalists in each category of the 2014 Locus Awards. Winners will be announced during the Locus Awards Weekend in Seattle, WA, June 27-29, 2014. Connie Willis will MC the awards ceremony.

Congratulations to all the nominees! 

We are honored to see Andy Duncan and Ellen Klages’s “Wakulla Springs” and  Jeffrey Ford’s “A Terror” nominated in the short fiction categories, as well as our editors Ellen Datlow and Ann VanderMeer, and Tor.com nominated for Best Magazine! 

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Apr 10 2014 9:00am

Todd Lockwood Cover Reveal for Marie Brennan’s The Voyage of the Basilisk

We’re very excited to be able to show-off the latest Todd Lockwood cover for Marie Brennan’s next Lady Trent novel, The Voyage of the Basilisk. It’s always fun to  work on something that looks a little different than the rest of our list. Once we established the “naturalist journal” look and feel of the series on book one, A Natural History of Dragons, the tone was perfectly set for the rest of the series. I have to admit, at this point I feel a little guilty—after a  few fairly easy decisions are sussed out, I can just sit back and watch Todd to do his magic.

Check below for the full wrap-around cover image!

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Apr 5 2014 9:51pm

“This is not a natural disaster.” The Extended Godzilla Trailer

After a rash of mini trailers, Warner Brothers has released an extended trailer that actually makes it look pretty good. So, how many people are going to see this because of Godzilla and how many because of Walter White?

Godzilla will be released May 16th.

[Watch the trailer]

Apr 5 2014 7:40am

Announcing the 2013 Aurealis Award Winners

Winners  of  Australia’s  2013 Aurealis Awards and the Peter McNamara Convenors’ Award for Excellence were announced Saturday 5 April 2014 at  the Great Hall, University House, Australian National University, Canberra. Congratulations to all the nominess and winners!


Peter McNamara Convenors’ Award for Excellence:
Winner: Jonathan Strahan

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Mar 25 2014 2:10pm

Tor.com Art Featured in Spectrum 21

I’m excited and honored that Tor.com has sixteen illustrations selected for the upcoming Spectrum 21 art annual, two of which are short-listed for medals. Thank you to all our artists. You guys bring a depth to Tor.com that we could not achieve without you.

For those outside of the science fiction and fantasy art world, think of Spectrum Fantastic Art as the Hugos, Nebulas, and “Best of” all rolled up into one. Each year a jury selects a few hundred art pieces from the thousands that enter. Gold and silver medals are also awarded in eight categories, the winners of which will be announced at Spectrum Art Live in May. All of these images will be collected into Spectrum 21, available this fall.

Below, take a look through a gallery of the Tor.com images that will appear in Spectrum 21!

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Mar 10 2014 11:09pm

Tor Books Announces the Acquisition of Charlie Jane Anders’s Novel All the Birds in the Sky

Tor Books editor Patrick Nielsen Hayden has acquired two novels from Charlie Jane Anders. The first, All the Birds in the Sky, is described as blending literary fantasy and science fiction, telling the story of the decades-long, on-and-off romance between a sorceress and a computer genius, beginning in childhood and proceeding against a background of increasingly catastrophic climate change. All the Birds in the Sky is slated for publication in 2015.

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Mar 10 2014 9:30am

Preview The Art of John Harris: Beyond the Horizon

Art of John Harris

John Harris has been one of my personal favorite artists since I began working at Tor Books 20 years ago. Of course I love the scale of his work—everything feels weighty and important—but it’s his ability to portray a future that seems simultaneously possible and dream-like that resonates with me the most. His paintings are never labored or overly rendered. Instead they invite the viewer to participate in them, to contemplate that future, and its repercussions, in their own mind. It’s almost as if the viewer is left with a memory of the event.

Harris’ work has graced the covers of countless science fiction books science the early 80s, for authors such as John Scalzi, Orson Scott Card, Ben Bova, Ann Leckie, and many others. It is a testament to his work that book covers produced today are every bit as fresh and relevant as they have been throughout the past three decades.

Titan Books is now publishing The Art of John Harris: Beyond the Horizon, a 160 page hardcover collection that focuses on his wide variety of futuristic paintings, sketches, acrylics and watercolors.

[Preview some of the art below]

Mar 5 2014 4:05pm

Cover Reveal for The Three-Body Problem

Tor Books is very excited to reveal the cover to The Three-Body Problem. Stephan Martiniere, who created the cover art, had this to say about the process:

“I have always been attracted to complex and giant mechanical construct. When the assignment for the book came in I had just gotten back from Florence with tons of pictures from the Museo Galileo, which displays some incredible armillaries and other wonderful devices. The timing could not have been more perfect. All these references inspired me and gave me tons of ideas to create the elaborate construct depicted on the cover. This was a celestial experience.”

[Find out more about the series and see a text-free image below]

Mar 3 2014 4:08pm

Announcing the 2014 Spectrum Fantastic Art Award Finalists

Judging for the 21st edition of the Spectrum Fantastic Art Annual wrapped up yesterday. Five jurors looked at and evaluated over five thousand entries. A few hundred of the best entries will be complied into the Spectrum annual, due out next fall. Gold and silver medal winners will be announced at the awards ceremony at Spectrum Live, a weekend long celebration of fantastic art, in Kansas City, May 9-11th.

Congrualtions to everyone, in particular Tran Nguyen and Nicolas Delort for their work on Tor.com!

The gold and silver finalists are:


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Mar 1 2014 2:38pm

The Opening Scene of The Veronica Mars Movie

The Veronica Mars Movie is coming and the opening scene has been released. It’s merely a recap of the TV show but Mars fandom must be getting excited. Veronica Mars will be out March 14th.

[Watch the trailer]

Feb 17 2014 11:16pm

Announcing the 2013 James Tiptree Jr. Award Honors

The James Tiptree, Jr. Literary Award Council has just announced the winner and honor list. The Tiptree Award “is presented annually to a work of science fiction or fantasy that explores and expands gender roles. The award seeks out work that is thought-provoking, imaginative, and perhaps even infuriating. It is intended to reward those writers who are bold enough to contemplate shifts and changes in gender roles, a fundamental aspect of any society.”

The James Tiptree Award goes to Rupetta by N. A. Sulway.

N. A. Sulway’s imaginative and highly original novel tells the story of Rupetta, an artificial intelligence created 400 years ago from cloth, leather, and metal, brought to life by the touch of her creator’s hand on her clockwork heart. Although Rupetta is a constructed being, she is not a robot. Her consciousness is neither digital nor mechanical. Nor is she an android, a creature that is, etymologically, male. (The word is not “gyndroid”). Rupetta’s power does not come from her brain, but from her heart. Sulway has placed her construct not in the future, but the past, and made her female, created with traditionally feminine technology: sewing and weaving. Rupetta is a woman, made by a woman in the image of a woman, and the world changes to accommodate her existence.

A deft blend of fantasy, science fiction, romance, and even gothic horror, this beautifully written story challenges the reader’s expectations about gender and of a gendering society. It examines power and what makes an object of power, relationships and love, sexuality and identity, and how culture is shaped and history is made.

In addition to selecting the winner, the jury chooses a Tiptree Award Honor List. The 2013 honorees:

  • Eleanor Arnason, Big Mama Stories
  • Aliette de Bodard, “Heaven Under Earth”
  • Nicola Griffith, Hild
  • Alaya Dawn Johnson, The Summer Prince
  • Ann Leckie, Ancillary Justice
  • Bennet Madison, September Girls
  • Sarah McCarry, All our Pretty Songs
  • Janelle Monae, Electric Lady
  • Helene Wecker, The Golem and the Jinni
  • S. M. Wheeler, Sea Change

N. A Sulway will be honored during Memorial Day weekend at WisCon in Madison, Wisconsin and will receive $1000 in prize money.

The 2013 jurors were Ellen Klages (chair), Christopher Barzak, Jayna Brown, Nene Ormes, and Gretchen Treu.

Feb 11 2014 7:58pm

Watch Johnny Depp Become Superhuman in the Transcendence Trailer

Warner Brothers just released the trailer for Transcendence, an artificial intelligence (complete with anti-technology extremists) thriller starring Johnny Depp:

“A terminally ill scientist downloads his mind into a computer. This grants him power beyond his wildest dreams, and soon he becomes unstoppable.”

Superhuman or abomination? Transcendence releases in April.

[Watch the trailer...]

Feb 1 2014 7:40am

The 2013 Locus Recommended Reading List

The 2013 Locus Recommended Reading List is out. The list is a consensus by Locus editors and reviewers. Essays by many of these contributors, highlighting their  favorite books and stories, are published in the February issue. 

We are very proud and excited to see eleven Tor.com stories on the list!

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Jan 31 2014 9:00am

Picturing Horses

John Bauer

Today marks the Lunar New Year! To celebrate the Year of the Horse, we’re rerunning this horse-themed edition of Picturing..., originally posted in February 2013.

You don’t have to be an accomplished equestrian to see that horses are magnificent creatures—majestic, fierce, gentle, wise, often all at once. They are a staple throughout art history in general, as well as in fantasy illustration. Putting this collection  together, it was tough to know when to stop building; the amount of fantastic drawing and painting about horses seems limitless.

Above: Scandinavian folklore painter John Bauer. I have Charles Vess to thank for introducing me to Bauer’s wonderful fantasy work—he is now an all-time favorite of mine (both Charlie and Bauer.)

[Picturing horses]

Jan 29 2014 7:44am

Announcing the 2013 BSFA Nominees

The British Science Fiction Association announced the short-list for their annual BSFA awards. Congratulations to all the nominees. Winners will be announced at Satellite Easter Con in Glasgow, Sunday April 20th. 

We are especially proud to see our own Liz Bourke nominated for her Tor.com column, Sleeps With Monsters!

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Jan 18 2014 9:04pm

Jonathan Strahan’s Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year

Jonathan Strahan just released the Table of Contents for his annual anthology, The Best Science Fiction and Fanatsy of the Year, Volume 8. Tor.com is thrilled and honored to have three stories included! Congratulations to Thomas Olde Heuvelt, Priya Shrama, Karin Tidbeck, and all the other writers included. 

The Ink Readers of Doi Saket” by Thomas Olde Heuvelt
Rag and Bone” by Priya Sharma
Sing” by Karin Tidbeck
And, by way of reprint, “Some Desperado” by Joe Abercrombie, originally published in Dangerous Women.

You can see the full Table of Contents on Strahan’s website

Jan 14 2014 10:00am

Behold The Providence of Fire, the Sequel to Brian Staveley’s The Emperor’s Blades

The Providence of Fire Brian Staveley cover Richard Anderson

Today is the book birthday for Brian Staveley’s The Emperor’s Blades, and, what better way to celebrate than to unveil the cover for book two in the Chronicle of the Unhewn Throne series! Okay, that might just be my art dierctor’s prespective, but the illustration was created by Richard Anderson and that means I’m excited!

[How the cover to The Providence of Fire was constructed]

Jan 8 2014 1:31pm

Watch Anne Frank Experience All the Years Denied to Her

For Harry Turtledove’s alternate history story, “The Eighth-Grade History Class Visits the Hebrew Home for the Aging,” artist Robert Hunt was tasked with creating a portrait of Anne Frank as an old woman. The story itself speculates on what may have happened if Frank was never killed by the Nazis and went on to live a very ordinary life after World War II.

Usually art commissioned for Tor.com stories is a still image, but after completing this assignment Hunt went a step further and created this deceptively simple, haunting, and surprisingly touching time-lapse of one little girl getting to live to an old age. Watch it above.

Jan 8 2014 11:15am

Victo Ngai: Behind the Images

Victo Ngai has illustrated many of our short stories over the past few years, Thomas Olde Heuvelt’s “The Ink Readers of Doi Saket,” Jedediah Berry’s “A Window or a Small Box,” and Ann Aguirre’s “Foundation,” to name a few. In 2013 she won a gold medal from the Society of Illustrators for her work on Marie Rutoski’s “Jacks and Queens at the Green Mill.” She also created the cover for V. E. Schwab’s Vicious and its companion story, “Warm Up.” 

Now, in this five minute documentary, you can see the person behind the art. Forget the part where she calls herself “old,” she is clearly personable, smart and very serious about her work. It’s no wonder she’s accomplished so much at such a relatively young age. I can’t imagine where her artwork will take her over the upcoming decades but I’m very much looking forward to following her career and finding out.

[Watch the Video]