Things that are grouped: your re-reads, re-watches, short and long-lived themes and special events, alphabets and other things that recur.

April 12 2011

Doctor Who Series 6's coverage of BBC and BBC America's airing of Doctor Who series 6, including recaps, individual essays, interviews and more.
August 24 2012

Doctor Who Series 7's coverage of Doctor Who series 7, including episode recaps, theories, fun things, and more.
February 27 2015

Dragonlance Reread

Mahvesh Murad and Jared Shurin are rereading the Dragonlance Chronicles by Tracy Hickman and Margaret Weis!
November 5 2012

The Dresden Files Reread

Rereading Jim Butcher's The Dresden Files in anticipation of the release of the 14th book, Cold Days.
April 14 2011

Dystopia Week

Join us as we explore the continuing impact and influence of dystopian worlds which have captured (and sometimes haunted) our collective imaginations.
November 27 2012

eDiscover Great Reads

eDiscover is a new series on that highlights sci-fi/fantasy titles recently brought back into print as ebooks.
February 12 2015

Editorially Speaking

News and opinions from Senior Editor Lee Harris and Editorial Assistant Carl Engle-Laird on the novella program.
July 12 2013

The Elric Reread on

A reread of Michael Moorcock's transformative Elric saga.
November 9 2012

Exploring Carl Sagan's Cosmos

A rewatch of Carl Sagan's Cosmos, a show that portrayed the beauty and wonder of being able to look up at the stars and puzzle out how we came to be.
December 8 2010

Fables Reread

Join Brit Mandelo and guest bloggers as she rereads Bill Willingham's and Mark Buckingham's long-running fantasy comic series Fables.
February 15 2012

Farscape Rewatch on

Join Farscape Companion author Scott K. Andrews as he sits down with a spacefaring classic.
March 17 2010

Firefly Rewatch

A rewatch of Joss Whedon's SF western Firefly, including all movie and comic material, by Richard Fife.
January 16 2015

Five Books About... asks guest authors to list five books that fit a theme!
July 26 2012

Forge of Darkness on

Discover Forge of Darkness, a new Malazan novel and jumping on point for epic fantasy fans.
June 3 2010

Frequency Rotation

Frequency Rotation by Jason Heller examines a different song with a speculative fiction theme. Genre, quality, and seriousness may vary.
February 16 2011

Gateway to Comics

In the Gateway to Comics feature, Stephen Aryan focuses on reviewing/recapping a “gateway” trade or issue to a comic genre, series, or character.
April 8 2013

Geek Love

A regular column by Jacob Clifton focusing on geek culture and its constant evolution.
March 22 2011

Genre in the Mainstream

A series highlighting genre elements and books that are considered more literary or "mainstream."
October 23 2012

Ghost Week on

We hang with spooks, spectres, slimers, spirits, and more in the run-up to Halloween 2012.
May 30 2012

Girls’ Nightmare Out

Girls’ Nightmare Out releases three paranormal young adult authors into the world. Keep up with their adventures (and fiction) here.
October 31 2011

The Great Alan Moore Reread

Presenting a year-long reread of Alan Moore's works, from large to small and everything in between.
October 18 2012

The Great Stephen King Reread

A reread of the first 10 years, and then the next 10, of Stephen King’s books which asks the timeless question: Are these books national treasures or total crap?
March 6 2014

The Harry Potter Reread

Lumos! Revisit Rowling's wizarding world as we reread the Harry Potter series!
April 4 2011

HBO’s Game of Thrones

Commentary, essays, reviews and recaps of the HBO television adaptation of epic fantasy A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin
October 27 2014

Heralds of Valdemar Reread

Rereading Mercedes Lackey’s Heralds of Valdemar trilogy.
December 22 2011

Holmes for the Holidays

Celebrating one of our favorite "related subjects," Sherlock Holmes, for the 2011 holidays.
April 9 2015

Hoshruba: The Land and the Tilism

Writer Musharraf Ali Farooqi has translated classic fantasy epic Hoshruba from Urdu. Over the next few months, you will be able to read all 50 episodes, the entire first volume of Hoshruba, on, with one new episode going up every day.
January 15 2013

The Human Division

Everything about John Scalzi's The Human Division, the latest in the Old Man's War series.
April 15 2011

The Hunger Games on

A collection of essays, news, and other cool things regarding the Hunger Games book series and movies.
December 4 2009

I Speak Fluent Giraffe

Here, Jason Henninger, amateur-professional cleverist, will speak giraffe at you.