Genre in the Mainstream
Genre in the Mainstream

Genre in the Mainstream aims to explore what we talk about when we talk about genre crossover. The lines between SF, Fantasy, Horror, and Literary Fiction are getting blurred these days, and that's what this column is all about! Here, we explore everything from Jonathan Lethem to Edith Wharton to Mark Twain to Miranda July! If you're a science fiction/fantasy reader looking for more “literary” titles, many of these authors and books might appeal to you. If you're a literary reader looking to make sense of it all, we hope you'll join the discussion.

The column is curated by staff writer Ryan Britt and also features guest entries from notable authors & bloggers including Justin Taylor, Jenn Northington, Ron Hogan, Lena Valencia , Allegra FrazierMatthew Mercier , Ali FisherAnne Ray, and others.


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September 13 2011
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