A Read of The Dark Tower
A Read of The Dark Tower

Our Constant Reader (and big Stephen King fan) author Suzanne Johnson reads through The Dark Tower series for the first time, offering up insight and analysis every Monday. Join her as she re-explores Stephen King classics and fantasy through the universe of The Dark Tower.

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<em>The Waste Lands</em>
The Waste Lands
<em>Wizard and Glass</em>
Wizard and Glass
<em>Wolves of the Calla</em>
Wolves of the Calla

Prologue: “Roont”

November 12 2012
<em>The Dark Tower</em>
The Dark Tower

Blue Heaven, Chapter 1

December 16 2013

Blue Heaven, Chapter 3

January 13 2014

Blue Heaven, Chapter 4

January 20 2014

Blue Heaven, Chapter 5

January 27 2014

Blue Heaven, Chapter 6

February 3 2014

Blue Heaven, Chapter 7

February 10 2014

Epilogue and Coda

July 21 2014
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