Chapters and excerpts from novels and graphic novels from various publishers

January 29 2015

Dark Intelligence (Excerpt)

Neal Asher
January 27 2015

The Sculptor (Comic Excerpt)

Scott McCloud
January 23 2015

Shadow (Excerpt)

Will Elliott
January 19 2015

Beyond Redemption Excerpt and Cover Reveal

Michael R. Fletcher
When belief defines reality, those with the strongest convictions-—the crazy, the obsessive, the delusional-—have the power to shape the world. And someone is just mad enough to believe he can create a god.
January 16 2015

Fortune’s Blight (Excerpt)

Evie Manieri
Fortune’s Blight by Evie Manieri continues the conflict begun in the novel Blood’s Pride. Victory for the Shadari rebels has come at a terrible price...
January 15 2015

Finn Fancy Necromancy (Excerpt)

Randy Henderson
Finn Gramaraye was framed for the crime of dark necromancy at the age of 15, and exiled to the Other Realm for twenty five years. But now that he’s free, someone—probably the same someone—is trying to get him sent back.
January 14 2015

The Glass Arrow (Excerpt)

Kristen Simmons
Aya has spent her whole life in the mountains, looking out for her family and hiding from the world, until the day the Trackers finally catch her. Stolen from her home, and being groomed for auction, Aya is desperate to escape her fate and return to her family.
January 13 2015

The Eterna Files (Excerpt)

Queen Victoria appoints Harold Spire of the Metropolitan Police to Special Branch Division Omega, a group that secretly investigates paranormal and supernatural events and persons. Spire's first mission: find the Eterna Compound, which grants immortality.
January 12 2015

Karen Memory (Excerpt)

Elizabeth Bear offers something new in Karen Memory, an absolutely entrancing steampunk novel set in Seattle in the late 19th century —- an era when airships plied the trade routes bringing would-be miners heading up to the gold fields of Alaska, and steam-powered mechanicals stalked the waterfront.
January 9 2015

Uprooted (Excerpt)

Naomi Novik
January 9 2015

Red Equinox (Excerpt)

Douglas Wynne
January 7 2015

Inside a Silver Box (Excerpt)

Walter Mosley
Walter Mosley’s Inside a Silver Box continues to explore the cosmic questions entertainingly discussed in his Crosstown to Oblivion. From life’s meaning to the nature of good and evil, Mosley takes readers on a speculative journey beyond reality.
January 6 2015

Three (Excerpt)

Kristen Simmons
Ember Miller and Chase Jennings are ready to stop running. After weeks spent in hiding as two of the Bureau of Reformation’s most wanted criminals, they have finally arrived at the safe house, where they hope to live a safe and quiet existence. But all that’s left is smoking ruins...
December 19 2014

The Book of Storms (Excerpt)

Ruth Hatfield
December 18 2014

Unbreakable (Excerpt)

W.C. Bauers
The colonists of the planet Montana are accustomed to being ignored. Situated in the buffer zone between two rival human empires, their world is a backwater: remote, provincial, independently minded. Montana merits little consideration, until it becomes the flashpoint in an impending interstellar war.
December 17 2014

Half-Resurrection Blues (Excerpt)

Carlos Delacruz is an inbetweener, partially resurrected from a death he barely recalls suffering, after a life that’s missing from his memory. As an agent of the New York Council of the Dead, Carlos thinks he is one of a kind, until he encounters other entities walking the fine line between life and death.
December 16 2014

“The Maiden in the Ice” (Excerpt)

Angela Slatter
Angela Slatter’s The Bitterwood Bible and Other Recountings returns to the world of Sourdough and Other Stories, introducing readers to the tales that came before.
December 15 2014

The Just City (Excerpt)

Created as an experiment by the time-traveling goddess Pallas Athene, the Just City is a planned community, populated by over ten thousand children and a few hundred adult teachers from all eras of history, along with some handy robots from the far human future—all set down together on a Mediterranean island in the distant past.
December 12 2014

Briar Queen (Excerpt)

Katherine Harbour
The dark, moody, and mystical fantasy begun in Thorn Jack, the first novel in Katherine Harbour's Night and Nothing series, continues in this bewitching follow up in which Finn Sullivan discovers that her town, Fair Hollow, borders a dangerous otherworld.
December 11 2014

Mort(e) (Excerpt)

Robert Repino
In a war between humans and a race of hyper-intelligent ants, former housecat turned war hero, Mort(e), begins a journey to find his friend--a dog named Sheba.
December 9 2014

The Rabbit Back Literature Society (Excerpt)

When a young teacher is invited to join the Rabbit Back Literature Society, she discovers that the Society is not what it seems. As Ella explores the Society and its history, disturbing secrets that had been buried for years start to come to light…
December 8 2014

Book of the Dead (Excerpt)

Greig Beck
To unravel an age-old prophecy, Professor Matt Kearns must find the fabled Al Azif — known as the Book of the Dead — even if it kills him. Because time is running out, not just for Matt, but for all life on Earth.
December 5 2014

The Globe (Excerpt)

Terry Pratchett
Terry Pratchett and his acclaimed co-authors Ian Stewart and Jack Cohen combine the tale of the wizards rewriting human history with discussions of the origins and evolution of culture, language, art, and science, offering a fascinating and brilliantly original view of the world we live in.
December 4 2014

The Female Factory (Excerpt)

Lisa L Hannett and Angela Slatter
The stories collected in The Female Factory, cowritten by Lisa Hannett and Angela Slatter, stretch from Australia’s near-future all the way back in time to its convict past to spin and sever the ties between parents and children.
December 3 2014

The Blood of Angels (Excerpt)

Johanna Sinisalo
From Johanna Sinisalo, the award-winning author of Troll, comes another haunting novel of eco-speculation: The Blood of Angels. When bee-vanishings of unprecedented scale hit the United States, Orvo, a Finnish beekeeper, knows all too well where it will lead. And when he sees the queen dead in his hives one day, it’s clear the epidemic has spread to Europe, and the world is coming to an end.
December 2 2014

The Genome (Excerpt)

Sergei Lukyanenko
In Sergei Lukyanenko's sci-fi thriller, The Genome, master-pilot Alex Romanov's first mission aboard Mirror is to ferry two representatives of an alien race on a tour of human worlds.
December 1 2014

The Whispering Swarm (Excerpt)

The Whispering Swarm, Michael Moorcock's first independent novel in nine years, is a tale both fantastical and autobiographical, and a celebration of London and what it meant to be young there in the years after World War II. The Whispering Swarm is the first in a trilogy that will follow a young man named Michael as he simultaneously discovers himself and a secret realm hidden deep in the heart of London.
November 30 2014

The Providence of Fire: Chapter Six (Excerpt)

Brian Staveley
The Providence of Fire, the second volume in Brian Staveley's Chronicle of the Unhewn Throne, sees the heirs of the assassinated Emperor of Annur fighting one another as well as the forces that conspired against their father.