October, 2008

Fri Oct 31
Rocket Town by Irene Gallo
Thu Oct 30
Wed Oct 29
Tue Oct 28
Mon Oct 27
Real Original, Jerks by Headless Horseman
The Competition by Emma Bull
Greg Ruth interview by Irene Gallo
Sun Oct 26
Sat Oct 25
Fri Oct 24
State of the Art by Arnie Fenner
Thu Oct 23
Wed Oct 22
Tue Oct 21
System = Unmagical? by Jane Lindskold
Mon Oct 20
Earthsea Goes Anime by Douglas Cohen
Sun Oct 19
Sat Oct 18
Fri Oct 17
Why Thirteen Orphans? by Jane Lindskold
Thu Oct 16
State of the Art by Arnie Fenner
Green Eggs and Ham by Heather Massey
Wed Oct 15
Tue Oct 14
The Bookshelf Question by Megan Messinger
Mon Oct 13
Crafting monsters by Torie Atkinson
Psychohistory and the Nobel Prize by Patrick Nielsen Hayden
Sun Oct 12
Sat Oct 11
Fri Oct 10
Ultimate Library Pr0n by Pablo Defendini
Thu Oct 9
Wed Oct 8
Tue Oct 7
Mon Oct 6
Sun Oct 5
Sat Oct 4
Fri Oct 3
Podcast Roundup 5 by Bruce Baugh
Thu Oct 2
Wed Oct 1
Saving Doctor Who by Constance Cochran
Nerdbots! by Irene Gallo