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Peter D.
46. Wunisukinon
You can't forget
Old gregggg
Peter D.
7. Ray Fitzgerald
In silence came celestial horrors unimagined.
Peter D.
3. Justin S
Nobody expected them to be tasty.
Peter D.
1. Shan
She was the first ghost astronaut.
Joyce Mitchell
142. JoyceLm
Thanks for the great giveaway - happy holidays.
Stephen Bristow
141. Vanesmantha
I drove 16 hours just to enter this sweepstakes.
Tha's not true, but I did just write it.
Thanks for...
Peter D.
139. colten edwards
for my kids, cus we all like to read and it can become expensive
stephen banks
Delightful & so entertaining! Johannes Cabal is my new hero... off to find more of this to read!
Peter D.
38. Beatrice Ray
This gem got me thinking... when you realise you can never possibly be one tenth as good as gaiman......
Shelly wb
67. shellywb
For those confused by "fan service", LoK is an anime-like property. Fan service is what companies,...
Peter D.
69. Shlee
@STBLST, about Jasnah's smokestone, do we know for sure that the stone itself (and/or a trapped spren)...
Peter D.
68. Shlee
Are we certain that the original fabrials worked the same way as the current ones? I always thought...
Jonathan Levy
13. JonathanLevy
9. AndrewHB
We eventually know enough about Slayer to be fairly sure he has no connection to the tower....
Bruce Wilson
40. Aesculapius
Kate; yes, it seems very strange that the final resolution to the Quest, the slaying of Smaug and the...
Peter D.
9. MTCarpenter
With such vivd imagery (and with the brevity of the story) adaptations and sequels abound. I most certainly...
Peter D.
39. Michael888
The lonely Mountain Is Mt.Shasta, Ca.. The Elves represent the ancient aryan race know as the "Lemurians"...
Peter D.
1. Alfred Silberberg
Terrible article. Nothing worthwile about politics, full of biased opinions about Tywin ( autor's father...
Timmothy Frink
17. twiff
@ 9: i will certainly agree that was really danny, or the spirit of danny at least. we've already established...
Peter D.
13. unitron
But a sequel with Fred as TDPR would be cool, in a way, if they got the right writers.

(If I can...
Peter D.
30. Liam Pisan
To be honest, I am not sure I understand the general acclaim for this episode (it is in the top twenty...