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David Foster
1004. ZenBossanova
He should also have out the next Legion book soon. I really enjoy the Legion books from what I have...
Ross Newberry
1003. rossnewberry
Brandon did say at JordanCon that a spren that was sufficiently Invested could bond more than one person.

Ross Newberry
24. rossnewberry
Ways @23: Con of the Red Hand would be a perfect time for a Noal costume!
Glen V
23. Ways
It was GREAT seeing youze guys in the flesh again! Ms. Ways enjoyed the Con too, especially the costume...
Gary Singer
22. AhoyMatey
Rand has a year to run around. Who knows where he'll turn up? But my money is on Kristy reeling him...
Glen V
36. Ways
Leigh, I admit it (giving you the giant headdesk pin in a decidedly unceremonious ceremony). But that...
Blue Print
9. Blue Print
#3. Never expect an author to do that kind of mathematical literacy. I still am bothered by Heinlein's...
Genevieve Williams
53. welltemperedwriter
@17 - "put some ginger up his butt" i don't know that expression. is that some kind of homeopathic energy
Jeff Cordell
7. Checkman
I liked this one. It's more personal and resonated with me in ways that I didn't expect. Possibly one...
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6. Zechs
They seriously need to get some better radio hits for their film trailers. It's a good's just...
Blue Print
35. adamas
I really have to agree the leigh bashing is 'muy no bueno'.

For anyone who gets pissy about Leigh...
Blue Print
634. kiwifan1989
@628, I am actually leaning towards Malazan (but I am sure asoiaf will have an explosive ending to bring...
Blue Print
52. adamas
@47,49: Joffrey was the one who tried to have Bran killed.

Littlefinger lied about losing the dagger...
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34. Danny G
What, no comments on how this chapter says that Lord Brynden "Bloodraven" Rivers rose to become Lord...
Lannis .
21. Lannis
Finally got my own recap finished, if anyone's interested in checking it out it's here. :)
Blue Print
51. adamas
Theresa: It's very subtle and you have to be looking for it, but Bran and Dany aren't "shown an empty...
21. worrywort
I've proposed to this chapter, the chapter has accepted, and we've set a date for next June.
karl oswald
20. Toster
i've always loved the re-entry of draconus to the world. i love it because it has to happen where it...
Fake Name
50. ThePendragon
@46 Olenna planned it and got the poison to Margaery, but it's impossible for Olenna to have gotten...
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42. Athreeren
@34 In fact, we saw what Ward could do in this domain in Eye Spy. The results were... not good.
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33. MAR
GRRM has a post on Not A Blog about his forthcomming (2015) collection of the first three D & E stories,...
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25. Spaceechik
tigeraid, you're a genius! As I read Leviathan Wakes, I was imagining Robert Forster, even though I...
janet vaughn
16. geochic1
Yeah re-read.
I never thought of Harry as a jock but it does make some sense.
Gaining new perpectives...
Don Barkauskas
15. bad_platypus
Golf and tennis are other examples of sports where good equipment can really make a difference and where...
janet vaughn
32. geochic1
Thanks for the post!!!!
Is it me or does anyone else feel seasick just from reading about all the...
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633. kiwifan
@626. I really enjoy it. I am upto the 8th Erikson book (10th of the combined series with two authors)....
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3. Austen
I've infact read both The Hunger Games Trilogy and The Testing. I've found many similarities in both...