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18. feenix219
Great episode. I just watched it back to back with Naked Time, and the two really fit together pretty...
22. arthur22
I want Starbuck to be a man again , would be nice to see them show up to earth and we help with the...
Charles Olney
33. CharlesO
The idea that people need to be reminded that a character is a villain is just horrible on so many levels.

9. Brandoch Daha
Bah. Everything in the Bond movies was stolen from Johnny English. He showed the real reason for Aston
tricxy ice
brave was a worth watching, i like the idea of mother and daughter relationship..Merida has a strong...
Jarmila Kašparová
84. Tessuna
@66: I took a look at the blurry thingy and I don't thing it's Capaldi. Doesn't look much like a sontaran...
9. Taras
Next season, Melanie will be discovered wandering around Lima, Peru ...
Alex Brown
3. AlexBrown
@CliftonR, DPZora: Couldn't tell you about publicity. Being from the mainland, I heard nothing at all...
Glen V
80. Ways
Is it canon that Gavilar's dark sphere contained a Voidspren, that he intended to release...
83. Earl_Leonard
The Tardis has left and travelled back to Gallifrey dozens of times, just not during/after the time/war...
56. Yvonne Jefferson
Just discovered Kelly's books. I'll be reading IRON HEARTED VIOLET for Read An Ebook Day tomorrow.
Stephen Batchelor
15. Gruntle
@14 ... I read it at three Soletaken Adii (Korlat and her two companions) agianst 10 soletaked Liosan...
17. YvonneEs
Love love love this.
Paul Boyd
14. GoodOldSatan
@13 ... agree (& see spoiler thread starting around post #50).

I need some dragon help. Silanah...
72. Thomas Gibson
Thank you for offering this awesome giveaway.
11. Bobbi Styles
I loved this! Thank you for writing this. A treat to read!
Christopher Bennett
38. ChristopherLBennett
@37: Why is it confusing? BoP was pretty obviously in a very different continuity from the comics or...
1. Monzie
Nice. I'd like to read the rest of the story.
Kenneth La Rocque
12. kjtherock
If we are going to guess who Korlats father is; mine is Draconus.
Donna Jacoby
54. Donna Jacoby
This sounds like a great story--count me in! Thank you for the giveaway!
71. Donna Jacoby
This sounds like a great read--count me in! Thank you for the giveaway!
Anthony Pero
17. anthonypero
My apologies. To be clear, I'm still hopeful they will be awesome. Ive personally liked just about everything...