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Linda Peters
138. linnett
great book for my brother, he claims he has seen one, thanks
Linda Peters
106. linnett
sounds like a great read, thanks
41. SER
I'm a big fan of Robin and think solo Batman stories are great, but too many of them feel like Sherlock...
15. AwesomeAud
Mr. Levine, I look forward to your novel!
Matt Stoumbaugh
7. LazerWulf
@6: Technically, that "Tongue Pic" is from Harry Potter 4, where he showed us, in just a few scenes,...
42. Darkurthe
It is fairly clear the author has not read The Demon Cycle.
Pamela Adams
5. Pam Adams
What I remember from Arrow's Fall is just how fast it all went wrong- after the continuing issues of...
Ellen Cheeseman-Meyer
4. EllenMCM
And the Collegium Chronicles. Valdemar's enemies all begin their attacks by taking a cheese grater...
77. Sophist
I won't get into the issue whether non-Targaryens can control dragons, because that would involve what...
j p
38. sps49
I have no idea what these "midichlorians" are referred to here, but Vader was less powerful after turning...
137. thissideofgaudy
Sounds like fun! Thanks!
Nathan Martin
37. lerris
There is a difference between precision and accuracy. Obi Wan made the claim thatstormtroopers were...
j p
7. sps49
"Bleeding edge" is derived from combining "leading edge" with "razor's edge". @6's would be a separate...
Alan Brown
6. AlanBrown
My wife enjoyed it more than I, but it did have some quite funny moments. But I would have liked some...
6. Mason T. Matchak
I haven't watched any Doctor Who (please don't shoot), but I've heard nothing but good things about...
Justine S.
41. MamaBoadicea
I don't actually ever think of Arlen Bales from The Warded Man as a despicable or unlikeable character;...
Adam S.
67. MDNY
@66 Part of that has been answered already. I don't remember where I saw it exactly, likely on 17th...
40. Jefferson Heard
I'd like to add a couple to the list: Cheradenine Zakalwe from Use of Weapons and Surface Detail. Iain...
36. Megpie71
I suspect at least part of the reason Leia was never really considered as a candidate for the Jedi is...
14. SCLajolla
Fantastic, everything was great. It just ended too abruptly.
The very end felt rushed. Perhaps a...
Pamela Adams
8. Pam Adams
Nice to get more of Kia's story. (and loving Half-Resurrection Blues!)
Lynne Darga
105. GhanimaofArrakis
Sounds great - please count me in!
Shelly wb
13. shellywb
You say fairy tales aren't fair, but then describe how their ethos works. They are consistent within...
Paul Keelan
39. noblehunter
@36 Off the top of my head, he humiliates Molly in Proven Guilty and tortures and murders ghouls in...
Keith DeCandido
46. krad
It was reported several times that Orci is a longtime Trek fan while Kurtzman was never a huge fan of...
38. tatere
I had my hopes up when I saw this title illustrated by "Republic of Thieves" - not "The Lies of ...."...
Alan Brown
10. AlanBrown
Ever since Liz posted this review, I have had this book in the back of my mind--reinforced by news of...
5. beastofman
I enjoyed the show and was hoping it would be self- contained (and later reimagined for the stage just...
Liz J
4. Ellisande
@2 in additiont to your point about Renee-- maybe I took the wrong impression but I felt like Chas hadn't...
Janice Boyd
4. scaredicat
I only saw the last episode. I found it delightfully silly. I hope it comes back for another season.