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Donna Jacoby
251. Donna Jacoby
This sounds like a great Christmas gift--please count me in. Thank you for the giveaway!
David Levinson
3. DemetriosX
Lovecraft goes to unusual lengths here to put this very much in the real world. Not just those three...
Rachel Anderson
246. Rick Ragsdale
I didn't know there was a game! Sounds fun.
Rachel Anderson
2. AwesomeAud
For the older folks, who may remember Rocky and Bullwinkle's Fractured Fairy Tales, here's Little Red...
Rachel Anderson
1. a1ay
Well, Castro tells interrogators that the cult means to resurrect the
Old Ones so true believers can...
Rachel Anderson
243. Gibb
This comes at a great time since my oft read copy of Mistborn appears to be gone after being lent out...
Rachel Anderson
242. Jessie H.
There's an adventure game!?! That is so cool! I love the Mistborn series!
Rachel Anderson
241. evinfuilt
Sure, why not. This would be fun
Rachel Anderson
240. AndrewH
Wow...a chance at the game and an awesome book for a Comment. Count me in.
Kelly Quinn
5. KellyQ
@1. Alcair Novall - I admit I was turned off of Cross Ange in the first epsiode partially by the, as...
Thomas Thatcher
2. StrongDreams
@1, Bruce right now is using the tools he has -- intellect, and access to information through money,...
Darren Kuik
57. djk1978
@56 You're outraged? Imagine how we feel about your poor timing! :D

Rachel Anderson
239. Dr_B
*Edit to previous comment* Working on a Shallan from The Way of Kings cosplay.... Love the Mistborn...
Christopher Bennett
1. ChristopherLBennett
This show can't decide whether it wants to be a broad, cartoony action show or a dark, violent, TV-14...
Rachel Anderson
235. St. Cuthbert
I approve most heartily of this test of fate! Let me be entered!
Rachel Anderson
234. Dr_B
I am completely enamored with the Mistborn series, working on a Shallan cosplay currently! Would love...
Rachel Anderson
233. Tim G
Some of my favorite books, and I've been thinking of trying the game!
Christopher Rinehart
232. Syrupjuice
I am curious how they handle the various ability systems. I would love to play a game set in the Mistborn...