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88. rowanbritto
You could have also added In Time(*though it has some violence) and Gattaca to this List!
69. ARMed_Pirate
Don't forget about the seven words in this section, to Penthe, in the dining hall:
"You have the perfect...
Sydo Zandstra
10. Fiddler
I have no problem with the idea of Malazans being appaled here.

Malazans are pragmatic. They fight,...
182. Emmelina
Despite inconsistencies, Amy and Rory both offered scope and depth. Frankly, after Amy, Clara is just...
Colin Roberts
21. cl142
To me, this episode is the TNG equivalent of DS9's abominable "Profit and Lace" for the reasons laid...
Tim Byrne
11. Aussiesmurf
The conflict between Kitiara and Laurana really brought home to me the inconsistency of how the authors...
Chris Nelly
17. Aeryl
It's interesting to me how the authors missed the mark with Sturm. Here we are, ragging on him for...
Sorry about the double post.
Chris Nelly
14. Aeryl
I hate to be that person, but Dragons of Summer Flame didn't get rid of the dragons, it got rid of the...
Andrew HB and wearter, the enunciation of the First (tripartite Radiant) Ideal is given by Teft in...
Andrew HB and wearter, the enunciation of the First (tripartite Radiant) Ideal is given by Teft in...
Chris Nelly
34. Aeryl
I despise Sturm.


Tanis, for all his "brooding before Angel made it cool"-ness...
Chris Nelly
33. Aeryl
Laurana is actually barely in Legends, aside from a letter Tanis writes to her on the eve of the Battle...
Chris Nelly
39. Aeryl
I enjoyed the War of Souls trilogy, in part because I am Team Tasslehoff. I tried reading the intervening...
Chris Nelly
48. Aeryl
This series was also my gateway into Fantasy. My high school BFF had them and pressed them on me, and...
73. matkeltri
Sounds v. interesting!
William Carter
48. wcarter
We all are debating whether or not Adolin's path is a dark one, and whether that means he may go "bad."...
10. Adin
Beautiful, haunting novella. The highest compliment I can ever give is that this story stirred something...
35. Jacob H
The whole doctor-kidnapped-to-help-the-enemy thing has been done so many times before on Trek (Dr Crusher...
42. The_Real_Chris
Hi - regarding the Devil and the church, there is a fair bit of research that believes it shows that...
47. Windspren
I think Adolin is going to spiral downward, until he hits bottom, I don't think he'll come out the bad...
39. SierraLovesDinosaurs
I would never understand the hate for this one. JP came out when I was too little to see it and this...
28. Jacob H
I really like this episode, but the one moment that made my eyes roll out of my head was when Tom Riker...
Christopher Bennett
15. ChristopherLBennett
@14/Peter D.: As I said, from 1987 to 2011 in the comics, James Jr. was Gordon's first child and Barbara...
188. Kurenai
@RavenReaper, I think you need to review the concept of "binary gender *as default*", and then reconsider...
14. Peter D.
Also of some note: in the last few years, DC did a storyline where James Gordon's son (and Batgirl's...
9. worrywort
In some part it's a matter of SE's much wider diversity of points of view. You do get WJ's "we are takers...