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Dr. Thanatos
14. Dr. Thanatos
I was at work; I had just come back from lunch. It's the first anniversary of my mother's death and...
Dr. Thanatos
31. Sophist
Two quick points because I'm on vacation:

1. He might need a HAND with transfiguration?!

2. The...
Alan Brown
17. AlanBrown
I agree with @6, Samuel Delaney's Dahlgren was the first book I thought of. About as labyrinthy as...
Del C
6. del
Mari, I wouldn't have expected them to have anything in common except Adams having the same reaction...
Constance Sublette
16. Zorra
@12 -- To me, The Sundering felt more of a tribute to Paradise Lost, though one certainly does consider...
Dr. Thanatos
16. lampwick
I'd add The Saragossa Manuscript by Jan Potocki. And another rec for Tourists!
Dr. Thanatos
43. Pooga
Obviously I'm *very* late to the party, but I recently decided to do a proper, in order rewatch, as...
Risha Jorgensen
10. RishaBree
From the various articles I've read, jere7my has it correct. I'm also one of those poor unfortunates...
Dr. Thanatos
5. blatanville
full disclosure: I know Chip Zdarsky personally. He's a friend-of-a-friend, and I was first introduced...
Samuel Zic
40. Lord Bob Bree
I read this book so much in middle school, and then went on and finished the next(?) two series as...
Bill Reamy
30. BillinHI
Among other things, I had forgotten how the movie changed how Harry got the gillyweed. Am I correct...
Dr. Thanatos
17. Musegumbo
Thank you - I've enjoyed reading these as I went through my own rewatch. I have become convinced that...
Matthew Sanborn Smith
45. MatthewSanbornSmith
Great advice, Ilana. Thank you!

I try not to overthink this in my own fiction, but I occasionally...
Dr. Thanatos
16. FelixScout
Thank you KRAD for this.

It wasa great and fun ride that I wasn happy to make part of my weekly...
Gary Singer
49. AhoyMatey
There's no doubt that the chisel is a hemalurgic spike. First thing that came to mind when I saw the...
Mahesh Banavar
48. maheshkb
The chisel thing: Hemalurgy? Perhaps Shallan is able to "see" things on other Cosmere worlds?
Dr. Thanatos
14. pda
TOS rewatch...again?
I'm out. No need to rehash that.
Sorry, don't get it.
It's been fun. Thanks...
Ash Gwynne
13. Hoof
thanks a tonne krad,
i only posted once before but I've read every rewatch as you posted them :)
Dr. Thanatos
353. Branded
Why would R and L need to be married in the eyes of the Seven in order for Jon to be heir? Rhaegar could've...
Christopher Bennett
84. ChristopherLBennett
@83: I never thought the ST IV felinoids were Kzinti, since they don't have "batwing" ears and aren't...
Dr. Thanatos
13. Crusader75
Fill to Mr. Nimoy the parting glass.

Spock lives.
Dr. Thanatos
37. Devyl665a
*Deleted* Sorry.
Dr. Thanatos
28. Les Callard
Two years ago I composed a tribute to Spock ( ) - the second...
Dr. Thanatos
39. Eurorandlander
Excited for the reread! I read these as a kid and anxious/curious to see how they are as an adult.

Dr. Thanatos
12. John harper NZ
My comments never seemed to show up so I gave up... But I have read every single rematch through ds9...
Dr. Thanatos
1. Sumant
I think the decision taken by Mara to marry bunto was the right one, seeing as to how clever and ruthless...
Dr. Thanatos
15. opiate taylor
What, no Gene Wolfe? Come on! The man wrote A Solar Labyrinth for heaven's sake. Not to mention what...
Dr. Thanatos
14. Antonio Acuna
Not forgetting J.J. Abrams, Doug Dorst..
Dr. Thanatos
9. Jerun22
Here's a thing: Save the picture and Open it up in Photoshop. Select the colour picking tool; it will...