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Glen V
46. Ways
We'rrrre back. It's not over and Leigh is still our commander.
Hi all! ::waves::
And subwoofer is...
Eugene R.
21. Eugene R.
I played in a Xena/Hercules LARP, and, after a long political caucus (Zeus was dead, Artemis was elected...
Eugene R.
45. Daviddragon45
Bring on the "“Elaborate aliases with backstories”
John Massey
44. subwoofer
What in the ?!

Right. 44 posts in and I have broke the internet. Starting fast and early Tor. This...
John Massey
43. subwoofer
Hi Leigh!


Here I am, better late than never.

Yeah, you pooched the first bit of...
Eugene R.
7. Jason Ipswitch
The first book by Brust I ever read was Taltos, many years ago in the late 80s. I immediately went out...
Eugene R.
10. peachy rex
As a morale-boosting exercise in the midst of an epic beat-down by an enemy planning to celebrate victory...
Suzanne Johnson
7. SuzanneJohnson
@Coldrun--yes, this will be the same schedule as the rest of the read, with new posts each Monday!
Eugene R.
102. Yehudits
As a life long fan of Sherlock Holmes, I am excited by this entry.
Christopher Bennett
23. ChristopherLBennett
If you want a "dark n' gritty" Robin out for revenge, then you want Jason or Tim or Damien. If you make...
Ruthanna Emrys
15. R.Emrys
Tangentially: while looking for usable covers, I found Álvaro Nebot's excellent Lovecraft illustrations...
Eugene R.
22. Cybersnark
I think that Robin would work best if based on the model of Prince Zuko from Avatar: the Last Airbender...
Eugene R.
9. Crusader75
I never thought Dax conducting the phaser cell retirement ritual as a mocking of Sisko but as continuity...
Eugene R.
57. Crotchety Old Man
Let's go back to the whole Racial Apathy = Racism thing. I have just one question: Seriously? This...
Eugene R.
20. Tehanu
I just read Tom Holt's book Ye Gods in which Prometheus and the eagle are major characters, along with...
20. Freelancer

I'd have to take your word for it, as I never saw them. When either of those were first...
Eugene R.
6. bookworm1398
There are supposed to be 19 books total. Each book can be read independently though so it isn't...
Shaka Jamal
7. shaka-jamal
To be honest, I thought the show pulled an awesome turn around. I'm pretty engaged and looking forward...
Eugene R.
3. Bieste
If you can pick Australia as the island to be marooned, you wouldn't pick Krissy as one of the 5 things?...
Alan Brown
19. AlanBrown
How about poor Sisyphus, pushing that rock up the same hill every day.
Jay Dauro
41. J.Dauro
I'm in.

Of course I begged Leigh to do something like this at JordanCon. And now I owe her my firstborn....
Alan Brown
16. AlanBrown
That would be an awful way to end things. What scares me is that, with all the other odd directions...
Valentin M
40. ValMar
I am lookng forward to the more detailed commentary on the early books too. I aways wanted to see Leigh...
Alan Brown
11. AlanBrown
@3 What this article is talking about is not making the origin story the center of the new movie. What...
Eugene R.
55. Tegerian
Could it be as simple as the idea that there aren't that many minority tabletop gamers?
Seona Bellamy
10. Seona13
alreadymadwithAnasati @9
Yeah, that's my thought too - the issue should have been dead and done for...