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Tansy Rayner Roberts
3. TansyRR
1) Good point, helen79! A single lady in possession of her own house = magnet for jerks.
Dino Steve
21. Colin R
From a technical perspective I enjoy Jackson's films; they are well-made, and the battles are generally...
Dino Steve
40. grimrick
This looks incredible!!
Adam S.
20. MDNY
@18 quinne- It's unclear if Sauron has the Nine Rings or if the ringwraiths have them always...both...
Dino Steve
12. excessivelyperky
There was just one thing I was a little disappointed in with this movie--as soon as we saw Drago, we...
Rob Campbell
58. rccampbe
In Dalinar's visions, he is told that the Radiants originated with the spren attempting to duplicate...
Dino Steve
18. coffeeisgod
We enjoyed it. It was a popcorn flick. No more, no less. Go to it without the hopes and expectations...
Alan Brown
19. AlanBrown
The trailer did what it was supposed to, made me look forward to the movie (although I was an easy sell)....
Christopher Bennett
21. ChristopherLBennett
@20: Well, yes -- it's all thermal control. Firebenders can snuff fires as well as start them. I'm sure...
Christopher Bennett
17. ChristopherLBennett
@16: Even so, it's a cliche. You wouldn't see a male action hero have to fend off an attempted sexual...
David Goldfarb
20. David_Goldfarb
Of course we've seen plenty of examples of waterbenders going the other way, too: liquid water to ice....
Dino Steve
16. Emmaline
@12: It's not a "rape-as-origin-story." First off, she isn't raped; she repels the assault. Second,...
Dino Steve
13. wandering-dreamer
I noticed on his front page he says that these are actually just for a competition, not the actual covers,...
36. grilojoe77
I would very very much like to see this one on my bookshelf. Thanks!
Christopher Bennett
19. ChristopherLBennett
@18: When we first met Ghazan in his cell, Zaheer tossed him several pieces of solid rock which he turned...
57. silvermonarch

I would tend to agree with you, in terms of creationspren, on both counts. :)

Jeremy Guebert
56. jeremyguebert
silvermonarch @ 55 - I get the strong sense of creationspren being Shallan's equivalent. They are plentiful...
55. silvermonarch
@skinnylipid et al.

Very interesting. It could be that the wind was attracted to him, but he wouldn't...
Glen V
54. Ways
@52 & 53
I totally buy into the Nightwatcher/Cultivation/Female Herald (bottom half of the chart) thing.

Dino Steve
18. quinne
Check that. I forgot that Sauron should have the nine human rings of power, although, considering that...
Dino Steve
17. quinne
There's a short scene in this trailer where Bilbo is driving a huge (for him) wagon on the frozen ice...
Dino Steve
31. Caroline M. Niziol
#30 - Danny -- yes, you're right. I did completely mis-read that comment, largely because it's been...