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TomtheRhymer TomtheRhymer said (1 month ago):
Hi Jo, I read through your wonderful reread of NOTW recently and stumbled over the name of chapter Eighty-Seven. You speak of the title "Boldness". I was dumbstruck for a moment when I found out that the early Us-Edition read "Winter" at this point and the UK-Edition "A Heavy Question". How can this be? Have you heard anything about this? I can't find any information about it online.
michael1942 michael1942 said (8 months ago):
Hi Jo, I am a newcomer to and have much appreciated your Heinlein reviews and general analysis. If you have a minuet could you tell me when or whether will be discussing volume 2 of the late Bill Patterson's biography? One point I would like to make is that I think Alice Dalgliesh deserves much fairer recognition for her influence on Heinlein's novels in the 1950s than she has received.
zdrakec zdrakec said (1 year ago):
Hello Jo: Don't know for sure how much this has been touched on - but (speaking of Rothfuss) - does it seem to you that music, or at least certain kinds of music, is depicted as being inherently more powerful in 4C, than in the "real" world? I recollect the singing of Felurian's name, of Kvothe's friends weeping uncontrollably after hearing the "Lay of Sir Sevrien", the way it brings Aure out into the open... Thoughts? Worth a speculative summary? Also, just read "Among Others", the first book of yours I've read. As an American, I figure that much of it went over my head; but it did create my summer reading list! Loved it. Regards, zdrakec
TheYllest TheYllest said (1 year ago):
Hi Jo, I have been entrenching myself in your Kingkiller reread, just recently having come across it, and trying to contribute whatever I can without double posting. Have you considered opening up a new thread related to his recently published 4C story from the Unfettered anthology, "How Old Holly Came to Be"? It is relatively short, but I think there are some extremely interesting tidbits in there. This would be very cool; I have lots of ideas.
RMGiroux RMGiroux said (2 years ago):
You were quoted at the top of a very cool photoessay: Good quote, too!
Travelling_Doctor Travelling_Doctor said (2 years ago):
This is something ive discovered and im not sure if anyone else has picked up on it yet. Kvothe mentions he chose the name kote very carefully. In NW, kilvin explains the siaru phrase "Chan vaen edan Kote". From his reaction and explanation of the meaning of the phrase im guessing Kote is siaru for disaster, which i found really interesting.
RobMRobM RobMRobM said (3 years ago):
Jo - FYI - per Bujold blog post, first draft of Ivan book is done!!! Publication expected next November. I thought you'd want to know. Rob
Miyar Miyar said (3 years ago):
You know how fascinating in a story when the characters are about to turn a bend on the road and you, the reader, don’t know what they’re going to find: The missing letter, perhaps -Oh no!- the villain himself. Well, how about it when the bend on the road leads to something not only completely unexpected, but completely unknown, completely other: the strange landscape, the vast interior of the alien vessel, the totally incomprehensible organism, the wrong colored sky, the misbehaving substance... This is basically why I was hooked on SF/F from childhood and became a drooling fan upon learning English. SF/F is doubly alien if you’re Mexican being practically nonexistent here. Thank you for multiplying the pleasure with your amazing analyses of the stories and authors. Miyar
madman madman said (3 years ago):
I stumbled upon your blog today, and have spent hours reading it. Very thoughtful reviews and reflections, and I agreed in particular with a number of your critiques, including of Stranger, Gods, and Tehanu. Plus I enjoyed reading about some of the newer SF and fantasy, which I am less exposed to, and I look forward to reading some of your recommendations (starting with the Long Price Quartet). One thing I was puzzled by, however, is that inspite of so many posts, you do not seem to have ever commented on Harry Potter. I would love to hear what you think of Rowling and the universe. And on a related note: Have you read "Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality" by Eliezer Yudkowsky? It is a fanfic, available online at I don't know if you are one of those authors who reflexively opposes the existence of fanfics, but it is an extremely interesting effort, and I would love to also hear what you think about HPMoR.
RobMRobM RobMRobM said (4 years ago):
I should note I'm just a few years older than you so I've probably read most of your list of books cited in Among Others than most. I actually saw a site that listed every sci-fi book mentioned - a truly enormous and awe inspiring list.