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saren_shadowfire saren_shadowfire said (4 months ago):
hey i have followed you with the reread of the Song of Fire and Ice series. it is awesome. I was wondering if i could make a request for a future blind reread. It will be The Saga of Seven Suns by Kevin Anderson.
jasperzorin jasperzorin said (4 months ago):
A Suggestion for Wheel of Time's Visual Representation (in brief): A serialized, animated format is the best possible visual representation for WoT. Reason 1: live action is not suited for the multitude of characters nor the span of time required to do the content justice. Reason 2: film length limitations prevent the enormity of WoT content to be fully realized in an understandable way to a potentially uninitiated audience. If you can sympathize with these points, please convey these ideas to the rest of Team Jordan/the powers that be. Thank you.
bethlove bethlove said (5 months ago):
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razibaby razibaby said (6 months ago):
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Cayour Cayour said (6 months ago):
Re-read of the WOT is absolutely fantastic. I wish I had known about this years ago. I would have loved to have been in on the conversation from the start. Keep up the great work! You're brilliant.
pcslaurifer pcslaurifer said (9 months ago):
Brand new here after reading your Wheel of Time Re-Read. Wonderful job, it is more than a little cool to see others opinions on the characters and on the story itself. The startling thing for me is how little I ever bothered to look deeply into the books. Or, it might be more accurate to say I simply didn't pay as much attention as I should have. Your re-read has inspired me to pick the series up again and give it a more thorough look. I especially like your idea of trying to see it through the eyes and experiences of the characters of themselves as I am always more an outside observer when reading any story. So thank you Leigh and again very well done. Bravo. I also have some questions based mainly on your commentary but I am not sure if this is the proper forum to ask. For instance, I am currently on the COS re-read and have found your observations on Mat and Nyneave's relationship to be interesting yet I never thought of her being truly afraid of him. I always interpreted her frustration, distance, general poo-pooing of all things Mat to be based more on the fact that she had been the Wisdom of Emond's Field and he the most unruly of it's youngsters. As such she was used to protecting him from himself by being able to cow him into submission. As Wisdom he had to listen to her and was probably even a bit afraid of her but later, as things began to shake out, their whole relationship was turned upside down and she was no longer in a position to boss him around at all, a loss of control Nyneave would resent especially as it would mean (to her) being less able to protect him, which was the primary reason she left Emond's Field in the first place (well to protect them all that is). So, in closing, I more than welcome your thoughts. If this is the proper forum for such discussions I look forward to any ideas you have and if it is not I was hoping you could direct me to the proper place. Thanks and once again, well done, I may not always agree with your commentary but I always find it insightful, humorous, and new.
terpette terpette said (10 months ago):
Your reread has gotten me to read the Wheel of Time for the first time. How'd I ever miss these growing up? I just started Book 6. Was wondering if you had any ideas for how a newb could get into the fandom? :)
angela221 angela221 said (1 year ago):
Hi, Leigh. I'm a journalist who is really into looking at steam punk (if you don't mind) and getting a better look at your fucking terrific aesthetic. Is there any way/place I can get some photos of you at your best? Call me a twat, but I love the vision...AJ
LadyMarm LadyMarm said (1 year ago):
Thanks again for the WoT re-read. I read most of it as it happened, the first go 'round, and now, doing my own full re-read (after blasting through AMoL, and realizing how much I forgot), I'm re-reading your re-read. (And suddenly, I'm apparently caught in some sort of recursive loop of re-reads.) I'm also amused at how often you note that "as of KoD, we still don't have resolution of this", which also impresses me all the more with the sheer number of loose ends that Sanderson had to deal with. Regardless, thanks again!
smike smike said (1 year ago):
Just made an account to thank you sooo so much for the epic WOT re-read blog. I've just gone through the entire series in the past month, and now I can (finally) get to grips with AMOL fully recapped and ready :D