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I'm a journalist and a white water raft guide.
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Tektonica Tektonica said (1 year ago):
Thanks for responding! We're trying for a place with a wide variety and options. You should be fine on the budget front. PS: There is usually a Con suite too, that has hotdogs, sometimes chili, munchies, etc. It helps with the budget....and time constraints...too! Looking foward to meeting you!
Braid_Tug Braid_Tug said (1 year ago):
Thanks William about the driving advice! I plan to arrive on Thursday, so will avoid the Friday nightmare. And yes, Dallas, TX. Not my home land, but now my home.
Man-0-Manetheran Man-0-Manetheran said (1 year ago):
Hi William I am sending you a quick heads-up regarding a special JordanCon/Leigh Butler Re-Read commemorative t-shirt. We posted this on Facebook and still trying to get it on Tor.com. I do not think you are on FB, so I wanted you to know a.s.a.p. Iâ??ll be brief: just go to www.zazzle.com/braidtug and you will find two shirt choices as well as other products. Ron