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tugthis tugthis said (5 years ago):
Free, The part of spoiler free review I don't understand is the review part. I am taking it for granted that Leigh, and most everyone on the board will read the book, and I am certainly hoping that we all like it. But why review a book if you are not going to talk about plot, character, style, or substance. What you are doing then is simply promoting the book. . . not an altogether bad thing, but on a fan site it seems a bit silly-- preaching to the choir-- if I may say that. I don't think my comment was inane, I think the "review" was inane, not in the sense that it is stupid, but that it was useless. I would much have preferred if Leigh had written an actual review discussing the book, as a true aficionado, and posted it on the site... maybe a week after publication. It would have seemed more valuable to fans to get her opinion of how the new book works or doesn't. I don't think it would affect sales at all, and it would give me (and some other more casual readers) some idea of what I should be looking for in my read of the book. I did not post this on the regular board because it is really just a misunderstanding between us. I respect your opinions of the WOW more than most and would not engage in some protracted discussion of the process/methodology of this web site. Discussions of the book are for the "comments" section. Peace, Tugthis