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Wetlandernw Wetlandernw said (7 months ago):
:) - It was just a reference to a conversation we had very recently had on another forum. All in good fun.
JeffS. JeffS. said (1 year ago):
Hey there I didn't want to be mean but Brandon did ask us to swear. Except for that, my other questions are in Wetlanders transcription on the thread. Sorry for taking so long, I have to admit I haven't used or looked at my shoutbox. Sometimes I am such a noob...
Wetlandernw Wetlandernw said (1 year ago):
Hi there!! Thanks - I liked my flower a lot (it's my favorite IRL), but got too many comments that people couldn't tell what it was, so I decided I should go back to something obviously... wet. :) Thanks for the encouragement - sometimes it's nice to know I'm not entirely spitting into the wind, if you know what I mean. FWIW, I'll be offline most of the next week, so I don't know when I'll even get to read the next post, much less comment on it. I'm not going away mad, just going away (but only for a week).
Samadai Samadai said (1 year ago):
LOL. Nadine, sorry I was just coming up with random things to make a stupid point. Nothing wrong with the French. And the Swiss are pretty awesome too. :D
forkroot forkroot said (1 year ago):
LOL! Nadine you are the first to "shout" after the Friends in Tor Places post. Thanks for the kind words. It really has been a lot of fun, hasn't it?
anthonypero anthonypero said (1 year ago):
Glad to be of service, Nadine, :)
subwoofer subwoofer said (2 years ago):
yes, I edit like a champion- I am oft know for my leap first and wonder where I land approach. calm second thought, which usually happens hours later sinks in, or other folks point out that I am being a numb nut. S'okay, I am comfortable admitting my mistakes:)
subwoofer subwoofer said (2 years ago):
you didn't miss anything- I was merely hinting that maybe somebody whom I shall not name, should live up to their prior commitments and not leave them to the last minute then skip them for other interests.
Wetlandernw Wetlandernw said (2 years ago):
You are very welcome! I so much wish you could meet Brandon; you ask the kind of questions he likes to get. And you just reminded me of something else I forgot to include on the "interview" report. (I'll go add it.) Someone asked about the basic story when he started putting it together way back when (like 25 years ago). His answer was that Dalinar's story is essentially the "soul" of the epic. Which I suppose is a spoiler of sorts, but there it is. Like you, that's the kind of spoiler I like!
Wetlandernw Wetlandernw said (2 years ago):
Thanks! I will ask Brandon, and let you know the answer. I'll also give him greetings from the folks here. :)