Joseph Soler
Philadelphia, PA
About Me
I have been a fan of science and sci-fi and fantasy and history and everything really since forever. I gobble up ideas and stories insatiably and just love to read what creative people devise. I fantasize about being able to write a great novel or five one day. I am rusty, but have studied and made use of Russian, German, Spanish, and Hungarian, along with my native English. I need to use my languages to keep them up but can't do that without travel, so thus I must travel to live. I consider it a compliment to be confused as any foreign national other than American. Not that I am ashamed of my country, but because I prove to those confused people that yes Americans do speak languages other than English. It is especially fun to say speak Spanish in Russia or Russian in Argentina and really confuse everyone! :) My feet are made for traveling, and sandals!
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Hola from one linguist to another