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I'm the site moderator. Feel free to ask me questions and discuss issues.
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12 Days of Lovecraft: “The Colour Out of Space” 26 replies | 6488 views
Patrick Yarnell
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Rothfuss Reread: The Name of the Wind, Part 12: I Know What it is to Have Secrets 142 replies | 28923 views highwaycrossingfrog highwaycrossingfrog
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Wikihistory 35 replies | 102468 views
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Escaping dystopia through telepathy: Children of Morrow 19 replies | 7765 views
1 month 2 days ago
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James Davis Nicoll on Space Opera for the Masses: Leviathan Wakes by James S.A. Corey at Tuesday June 21, 2011
James Davis Nicoll on Space Opera for the Masses: Leviathan Wakes by James S.A. Corey at Tuesday June 21, 2011
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said (10 months ago):
Hi Teresa, I would like to delete my account, bearing no ill-will whatsoever, it's just something I'd like to do. Thanks!
dustingm dustingm said (2 years ago):
Oops! I just had a post in the Malazan Book of the Fallen reread thread (The Bonehunters - Epilogue) flagged as spam. I think it was probably because I posted a link to a mind-map (PDF) I made that relates to the novel we're reading. It's not a virus, honest! Keep up the good moderation work. Thankless job, I should know! --dustingm
matthew1215 matthew1215 said (2 years ago):
I regret to inform you that, following due consideration and in light of recent moderation decisions, I no longer feel that I or my point of view are welcome here. I will not be participating further on this site.
JackJack JackJack said (2 years ago):
Sorry, I made a mistake. I'm really not a jerk. Most of the time. Again, I really apologize. See you next... eh... Tuesday.
ZEXXES ZEXXES said (2 years ago):
Why is it Freelancer gets to call me stupid and clueless on my own shoutbox?
onnikesale onnikesale said (2 years ago):
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stevenhalter stevenhalter said (2 years ago):
Hey Teresa, I'm sure you've noticed, but the Forums have been offline for a few days now.
Freelancer Freelancer said (2 years ago):
Good evening. It's very nice to have the shoutboxes back, and while I am grateful, I wonder if we will be getting back the ability to delete shouts in our own profile? Thank you.
Man-0-Manetheran Man-0-Manetheran said (2 years ago):
Hi Teresa Is someone working on the Login problem? Everytime I close the page, I have to log in again when I return. And I do have to do other things, much as I'd like to stay logged in to TOR all day! Thanks!
gltagliasaul gltagliasaul said (2 years ago):
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