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micheal micheal said (1 year ago):
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bluejo bluejo said (3 years ago):
I'm going to do a whole post on your timeline, and I'll be working on it tonight and tomorrow morning. I can probably get the colours to work if I knew where they were supposed to be -- email me, And the timeline is brilliant, and I really appreciate the amount of time it must have taken!
Jezdynamite Jezdynamite said (3 years ago):
Hi thistlepong Your timeline is Bery comprehensive and brilliant, thanks. Here are some more dates if you feel like putting them into the timeline. Only 1 (the first I list) isn't supported by a specific date. Sometime between -1000 and -300:   Human Amyr were the strong hand of the church for 200 years (bright knights of the Aturan empire). -1000:  Human Amyr had been founded by the Tehlin church in the early days of the Aturan empire.  -150:  Antressor (famous instrument maker) lived and made a mandolin -100:   last publicly known case of malfeasance (using blood) -50:  alchemist used a plum bob to ruin lives of a few govt officials in Atur -30:    Manet enrolled at university -12:   Last student before kv to be banned from archives -10/11:  Caudicus became part of Maer's court (a dozen years before Kv in Severen).  Caudicus spent a winter with the Baron Jakis not long before Kv went to Severen. Also, I'm not sure if the timeline reflects that Kv had been at the Waystone for 2 years. Does it say he has only been there for 1 year? In WMF chp 2 (discussing pomace) he refers to wondering for the last 2 years what the locals do with the pomace. Cheers Jeremy