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Started reading when I was 5. Became interested in all types of scifi by 8. Love learning new things, but not in the conventional sit in school 8 hours a day. I did love college though - not required to go to classes, but had an outline to follow and be there for exams and turn in term papers. Majored in Economics and Finance. Was working on a masters in Econ, but life got in the way - as in I got married and we had kids right away(1st 10 months after we tied the knot). I am an analyst and a trader(not day), and one of my big time goals is to get my kids interested in science. My parents had(and have) a fantastic library at home, and they both are into scifi as well. Grew up on Zelazny, Tolkien, Asimov, Herbet ect. Love! WoT and just breezed through aSoIaF(thank the old gods and the seven that I didn't have to wait like some of you!
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micheal micheal said (1 year ago):
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macster macster said (2 years ago):
Hey there...don't know if you ever got around to seeing it (I was late in replying, as usual) but I did address your point with Dyelin on Part 12 of ToM. Might want to check it out. ;)
Tektonica Tektonica said (2 years ago):
Hi Tess! So you finished the Bonehunters! It may be my favorite of the many epic much growth. Join in the discussion over there! We need more people!
Tektonica Tektonica said (3 years ago):
oops....I see you can make paragraphs as you type, but it doesn't print that way. Damn.
Tektonica Tektonica said (3 years ago):
Malazan....Is the first 1/3 of DG the part that introduces Karsa? If so, yes...very painful....but if/when you meet him, just know that he evolves and grows on you. ;-) If this isn't' the book with Karsa, then it's just a new cast of characters and a new continent...they do become integrated, so hang in there! It's a very good book....much better than GotM. Hey...we can make paragraphs now!! cool. This makes these much easier to read! My husband was a sales rep for first Lord Abbett and then The American Funds for 25 years. He's with a start up now called BIC, repping some very interesting products to Advisors. He likes the ETF biz. Options, etc. were fun and interesting to me when I was a broker, but the pace was frantic. I didn't' like dealing with the public either, which was why I retired from that. People act emotionally, as you say, and almost always buy high and sell low. They become attached to a particular stock too....and they won't' listen. Drove me nuts. LOL. Let me know how DG is going for you!
Tektonica Tektonica said (3 years ago):
Just read your bio....I was a Broker at Smith Barney when we first moved to Florida. Before Bob dragged me out of NYC, kicking and screaming, I worked at Institutional Investor an wanted to be an Institutional broker. Had to settle for retail down here and really didn't like it. Although my background is in the Arts, I loved structuring portfolios and following companies. Fascinating. What kind of trading do you do? Stocks? Bonds? Exotics?
Tektonica Tektonica said (3 years ago):
The shout boxes are back and work!! Yippee!! So glad you are still at Malazan. It is a heavy heavy philosophical series. Lots of shades of gray. I'm on my second time through now and it's like a whole different series. So much is foreshadowed, and you just can't know that subtle stuff the first time through. SE is amazing. Keep at is so worth it.
Tektonica Tektonica said (3 years ago):
Soooooo.....Have you jumped into Gardens of the Moon? Have you checked out the Malazan thread on here? It is spoiler free because one of the moderators, Amanda, is a newbie. It helps a lot. Let me know how you are liking it!
Tektonica Tektonica said (3 years ago):
So glad you got GotM!!! Go slow and pay attention. If you have any questions, email me....since I can never tell if anyone is leaving messages here and it's been a week since you left me a message! ;-) Welcome to Malazan!
Tektonica Tektonica said (3 years ago):
btw, Tess...I agree with you about aSoIaF. I've read them all and well, meh. I'm not attached to anyone either. I don't trust GRRM with my emotions. It's an OK yarn, but doesn't have much meaning or resonance for me. Malazan on the other hand is deeply philosphical and I'd like to know many of the characters. Some I really love...all memorable. The two series are very different animals.