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O.G. reader of WoT- was faithfully waiting every year or two for the next book to come out. Damn that makes me old. Will offer my opinion for anyone who will listen... sometimes even when people don't. Low level of BS tolerance. It takes a nation of millions to hold us back. Took my namesake from my little doggy that is not quite a full size woofer, sub compact model. Trying to take beer drinking to Olympic levels, like my old friend Jack Burton used to say... what the hell. Woof™.
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Man-0-Manetheran Man-0-Manetheran said (2 years ago):
Hey sub! MIssed seeing you on the re-read. But then, I've been pretty absent myself. Tektonica, J. Dauro and others are serious about getting a real life bunker at Jordancon this coming year. It might be our last opportunity to all meet in person. And it's our darling Leigh who is the MC this time. It won't be the same without you!
TickTockTick TickTockTick said (2 years ago):
Not sure if this will get through here, it was just flagged as spam on the main WoT reread thread, but this made me think of you:
travyl travyl said (3 years ago):
Woof I do appologize - on roundtable discussion and below in your shoutbox I tried to be "ironic" and funny, sorry if I offended you in any way it was never intended. - I very much liked your "blinked inocently"
travyl travyl said (3 years ago):
So you edit your posts? - I did likewise, but I didn't erase my post, yours would look out of place - just read my edit, if you want.
Wetlandernw Wetlandernw said (3 years ago):
AHHHHHHHH!! I did read it, but I was going too many directions at once and somehow missed adding that to my list of questions! It was a good one, too, and he'd have enjoyed it. Maybe one of our friends can catch it at an upcoming signing; I know we have some in the right places.
anthonypero anthonypero said (3 years ago):
What I was saying is we had a responsibility to help Iraq get their infrastructure back together. I didn't say we invaded for the right reasons. Although I totally, totally dispute that it had anything to do wit oil. That is verging on crazy conspiracy territory, which will end the conversation pretty quick, lol. What I'm saying, regardless of how we got there, is that we needed to stay, to fix what we broke.
anthonypero anthonypero said (3 years ago):
Besides which, my post didn't talk about nation building. It talked about infrastructure _re_building. We broke it, we have to fix it.
anthonypero anthonypero said (3 years ago):
And yet, people HAVE intentionally changed the culture of _this_ country. :) We'll just have to agree to disagree.
anthonypero anthonypero said (3 years ago):
I'm not going to argue your point RE: the American War Machine. I don't see defense spending the same way you do. I think American defense spending is almost solely responsible for us not having had a WWIII. And since more people died in WWII than in all the other wars we have fought combined... I consider it an investment in our children. 'Nuff said as far as I'm concerned. As far as the rest of what you said... my comments were not towards turning Iraq into a Democracy, but helping them rebuild the infrastructure (roads, power, water, etc...) that WE destroyed. Once Saddam was removed and caught, the danger to us was not from Iraq, but from some other power-hungry nation/dictator/warlord/terrorist stepping in to fill the void that WE created. This is what happened when we used Afghanistan as a puppet against the Soviet Union and Iran in the 80s. It DIRECTLY led to 9/11. We supplied Afghanistan with weapons and money to fight the Soviets, they kept Big Red occupied for years, fought them off. In the process, their contry was blasted back to the freakin' STONE AGE... and we did nothing to help them get back on their feet. This DIRECTLY led to the Taliban coming to power. We (and the Soviets) created the power vacuum that led to 9/11. When people say we need to stay in Iraq for our National Security (at least those who truly understand the issues), it is because of THAT, not some immediate threat that they pose. Not to mention, I believe we have a moral obligation to help rebuild a Iraq's military, power and water services, and economy, since we destroyed it. Since we have a the moral obligation, and it would be damned dangerous to us to leave Iraq just sitting there as a void for some other power to snatch up... for me at least, that is compelling reason enough to still be there.
anthonypero anthonypero said (3 years ago):
See, that might be the case... except the republicans also won the house and the senate. It was less of a case of blind patriotism, and more of a case of, well, what Bush ran on. Stay the course. We're there, we have a responsibility to finish what we started and not leave the country in total chaos, creating a situation in Iraq like what the USSR created in Afghanistan. Which of course, came back to take a big chunk out of the collective Western World's ass. I viewed it as America taking responsibility for it's actions, not being blindly patriotic. That responsibility is what promoted America to "Greatest Nation" status after World War II. I really feel that the current economic crisis sabotaging that sense of responsibility. Not as a collective nation, but as individuals. Which is way, way worse for us