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I.T. guy (DBA, Programmer, whatever) who loves to read. Mostly tech books - but if I'm not reading for work, it better have space ships, swords or something like that in it. geekbook this is where i keep my book reviews.
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comfortmum comfortmum said (4 years ago):
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stoolpigeon stoolpigeon said (6 years ago):
I like the look. Lots of functionality stuff to work out but the layout is simple, clean and attractive.
stoolpigeon stoolpigeon said (6 years ago):
I was surprised to see the Rain Slick Precipice advert at the top of the page.? PA is really turning into quite the big biz.? I knew they were doing well, but not that well.
stoolpigeon stoolpigeon said (6 years ago):
I am currently playing Twilight Princess for the 3rd or so time.? My wife is playing Ocarina of Time and my oldest is playing Wind Waker.? We love us some Zelda at our house.
JimR JimR said (6 years ago):
I take from your avatar that you have played the odd pixelated adventure or two? I have to admit, the only Zeldas I ever really liked were Ocarina of Time and Phantom Hourglass.
stoolpigeon stoolpigeon said (6 years ago):
no problem. got an email in my inbox about a connection - but link to manage said connection leads to message "This profile does not exist or is no longer available" Interesting.
TexAnne TexAnne said (6 years ago):
Sorry, that was me. It logged me out.
Guest said (6 years ago):
these are the things I can do without. (me? a child of the 80s? whatever made you ask?)
stoolpigeon stoolpigeon said (6 years ago):
let it all out
stoolpigeon stoolpigeon said (6 years ago):