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Wetlandernw Wetlandernw said (3 months ago):
Not that you need my approval... :) But I was wondering if the thread would ever do anything but alternately complain about and defend WoT and Vox Day, which is really lame considering the subject! Your redirection was very skillfully done, and I'm reminded once again that you are both thoughtful and wise. (Also smart and well-read...) Thanks for taking care of it so smoothly; it's much more fun to read now.
Wetlandernw Wetlandernw said (3 months ago):
Not sure you'll see this, but... ::applause:: NICE JOB getting the Hugo-nominations thread turned to a much more interesting, relevant and productive direction! Well done.
Derovin Derovin said (10 months ago):
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Braid_Tug Braid_Tug said (1 year ago):
Sometimes I wish there was a "Like button." If Dire Vair ever plays, let me know!
Robin55077 Robin55077 said (2 years ago):
Extremely mild winter this year isn't it. From what I have seen, even Minnesota is having a very mild winter this year. Our's has been almost non-existent here in West Virginia.
Robin55077 Robin55077 said (3 years ago):
I should have just waited until I read the final 100 pages of the book! LOL I think the answer was in the Epilogue...Kyle pulled out a "frayed leather strap and a small amber stone that he rubbed between thumb and forefinger. The words of that last Fistian priest returned to him: Who protects you? It is of the earth!" "Could it be true? Another old fallen friend still with him? The amber stone had come from Ereko...he'd claimed the very earth as his mother. Perhaps he was with him in more than memory..." Based on that, perhaps it is more likely that the "amber eyes" was significant of Ereko's presence? Sorry that I jumped the gun on that question. It was just really bugging me that I didn't know the answer to it and I was too impatient to wait until I finished the book! LOL That will teach me! (Or not, as old dogs have a hard time learnign new tricks!)
Robin55077 Robin55077 said (3 years ago):
Thanks for your help! It was bugging me because I knew that I should have known the significance. You are the BEST!
Robin55077 Robin55077 said (3 years ago):
I just didn't recall Osserc's eyes ever being referred to as "amber" but I have been reading a lot of books lately, both new reads and re-reads. Sometimes I get into these reading frenzies where I devour a 700-800 page book every 3-4 days. I've been in a reading frenzy for the past few months. (Another reason why I haven't been posting much on the Malazan site, I'm sure.) I know I will begin posting more frequently again once we begin HoC. MOI is perhaps my least favorite book in the series.
Robin55077 Robin55077 said (3 years ago):
Oh, THANKS! Do you think Devalath would have known that, or was she just surpised by the "amber" without knowing the significance?
Robin55077 Robin55077 said (3 years ago):
Thanks! When Kyle takes Suth and a few others and follows the retreat of the Black Moranth, Kyle ends up in a confrontation with the rabid dogs and then "The Lady" following which he is unconscious and carried back. When Devaleth examines his unconscious body, she lifts his eyelid to examine his eye and she is startled or shocked (I forget the exact terms used) to see that his eye is "amber"? What is the significance of the "amber eyes"? Is it a reference to something in RotCG that I should remember? (I read RotCG but that was probably at least 20+ books ago so I cannot remember). I am sure the reference to "amber" is significant, I just cannot place it!