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beby4oo beby4oo said (3 years ago):
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Society Society said (4 years ago):
As a life-long reader, particularly of speculative fiction, I am amazed at publishing businesses which allow extremely expensive books to go to press without some sort of final proofing for basic errors: words left out, badly misplaced or missing modifiers, poor subject/verb agreement. It is annoying and agravating trying to escape into the truly rich worlds of TOR books authored by Weber, Jordan, or Cunningham. I find I must stop action and lose the magical flow of the author to... what...try to figure out what in the world the sentences are saying? I am really perturbed at TOR for the number of books I've purchased or checked out of the library recently that contain these types of errors. I was really annoyed at the proof goofs in Towers of Midnight. My thrill at the multiple strands finally coming together was almost overwhelmed by the frustration caused by the errors. Tell me, is there someone who actually reads the first book off the press before it goes into full production?
mlshoe mlshoe said (4 years ago):
I've twice sent queries asking if you received my submission to I sent these queries to, but have received no response. My story was sent on 8/6. According to Duotrope's Digest, you have responded to stories submitted as recently as 11/26 (and responded on 12/22). I understand that you predict it might take 6 months for a response, so I'm trying to be patient here. But since you have responded to stories more recent than mine, I wonder if my story got lost. I just would like to know if you've received the story.
comfortmum comfortmum said (4 years ago):
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andricraft andricraft said (4 years ago):
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David_Goldfarb David_Goldfarb said (5 years ago):
>Coming soon on "Re-Reading David Goldfarb's Remarks about Sandman." Good one.
Pucca51 Pucca51 said (6 years ago):
unable to upload an avitar....HELP
Guest said (6 years ago):
can anyone tell me if Jim Frenkel is going to be at any writer's conferences in the near future? Thanks!
Guest said (6 years ago):
Guest said (6 years ago):
Does Tor only accept agented queries or mss? If not, whom do I send a query to? Thank you for your time. Sara