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I'm an illustrator with a number of picture books out and I'm publishing my comic online at www.ericorchard.blogspot.com
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dpmcg89 dpmcg89 said (5 years ago):
Yea that two-bit floozy is my sister. haha don't tell Bridge I said that. Thanks for the comics by the way.
EricBraddock EricBraddock said (5 years ago):
Hey Eric, just trying this shoutbox thing out, haha.. Hope all is well, keep up with the arting!
Irene Irene said (5 years ago):
I have a very small hadful of shirts left. Email me your shirt size and mailing address: irene.gallo@tor.com
Irene Irene said (5 years ago):
great drawings!
MaurizioManzieri MaurizioManzieri said (5 years ago):
Great to see you here, Eric!