Bonnie Andrews
Preeceville , Saskatchewan
About Me
OG Wheel of Time fan, Canadian born prarie girl, Mother of two. Love to read, mostly Fantasy but almost anything put in front of me. I've recently developed an obsession for writing, enjoy hiking, horseback riding, time with my kids and husband, and warm climates. Can't believe sometimes that I've moved back to SK. Favorite quote "The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go." ~ Dr. Suess
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TheDarkOne TheDarkOne said (4 years ago):
Back at you Bonnie!__TOR just told me that mis-fortuona mis-shouted at me! ^__^_
Tektonica Tektonica said (4 years ago):
New pix on FB....check 'em out. Miss the gang here and on Gabbly!
gagecreedlives gagecreedlives said (4 years ago):
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Freelancer Freelancer said (4 years ago):
Whoops? Sorry, I missed your gabbly shout. I was busy and not paying attention. Well, stay warm and have a good weekend.
chaplainchris1 chaplainchris1 said (4 years ago):
No harm no foul no toh! Embarrassed I didn't catch the joke at first, though!
chaplainchris1 chaplainchris1 said (4 years ago):
Thanks! Appreciate the welcome and the compliments - esp. since your posts are so good! Well thought out and I love your tag-lines as the end! It really is a great group of thoughtful and bright people!
MatHornsounder MatHornsounder said (5 years ago):
ive also missed all of you!! im glad to be back...got lot of catchin up to do now!!
blindillusion blindillusion said (5 years ago):
Thanks Bonnie. Now it's going to be made into patches and auto decals so I can show it off. =)And my wife is going to cross stitch it for me. That's gonna be sweeeeet.
Tinaa Tinaa said (5 years ago):
Hey Bonnie, thanks for the gabbly welcome, I'm enjoying the chat too. Tina
Man-0-Manetheran Man-0-Manetheran said (5 years ago):
re-read con? Denver is a great host city for all types of meetings. The Star Wars fanclub is/was located here. And United, Southwest, and Frontier all make Denver their hub, though almost all other airlines stop here. Lots of hotels, meeting facilities, restaurants, brewpubs, bars. What would it take?