Lisa Grabenstetter
Annapolis, Maryland
About Me
An artist and an adjunct lecturer for the Institute of Sub-Ocular Thaumaturgy. Requires trees, books, and birds in order to function properly. View more artwork at:
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magneticcrow magneticcrow said (3 years ago):
It is winter, and I am reading bio/dieselpunk. Those facts go together, in my mind.
magneticcrow magneticcrow said (4 years ago):
Just finished 'Passage' by Connie Willis. I am becoming quite a fan of her writing, though 'To Say Nothing of the Dog' is still my favourite of hers. Next up, 'Strange Travelers' by Gene Wolfe!
magneticcrow magneticcrow said (4 years ago):
Eh? There are things and stuff in my Tor account profile? I would have never known!