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Kate Nepveu was born in South Korea and grew up in New England. She now lives in upstate New York where she is practicing law, raising a family, and (in her copious free time) keeping a blog (kate-nepveu.dreamwidth.org) and a booklog (steelypips.org/weblog). Here at Tor.com, she re-read The Lord of the Rings one chapter at a time, and is currently (Nov. 2012) doing the same with The Hobbit.
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Vanderbolt Vanderbolt said (3 years ago):
Great to see someone who loves fantasy as much as I do. :) My mother read me Lord of the Rings when I was six... starting with The Hobbit.
Fortune_Prick_Me Fortune_Prick_Me said (3 years ago):
Hey Kate, I do really enjoy the re-read (when you have time to post) :). I'm reading Towers of Midnight now (of course)and I hope you get a chance to as well. If so,Chapter 5, about one page in, might interest you :)
HArai HArai said (4 years ago):
Hi Kate. I've been enjoying your re-read from the start, and I was wondering if you'd come across Corey Olsen at www.tolkienprofessor.com. He's a prof at Washington College who's been doing a series of podcasts on Tolkien's work, including a full semester course he's teaching at present that I wish I'd had a chance to take when I was at university. I find him quite accessible and thought-provoking, especially when covering the Silmarillion and Tolkien's poetry which I think you've mentioned you found dry in the past. Plus podcasts might fit into your obviously busy schedule. Anyway, just wanted to give him a mention and thanks again for your work on the re-read.
jrodenbiker jrodenbiker said (5 years ago):
Kate, it's hard, well, not as easy as it could be to follow the re-read from the beginning. Is there any way you or Tor staff can add links like "Next: In the House of Tom Bombadil" and "Previous: A Conspiracy Unmasked" to the ends of your articles? This will be especially important in the future when the re-read is complete and your bookmarks and posting history are long and harder to scan. Thanks!
Felicity Felicity said (5 years ago):
This may be the dorkiest thing you've ever heard, but since I was responding to your comments on another thread and recognized your name, I felt emboldened to say: Thank you for the nethack spoilers! I have been using them for years. To be honest, I have them open in another tab.