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Single/27; slightly obsessive reader of scifi/fantasy novels (notably The Wheel of Time and A Song of Ice and Fire) and web comics, classic rock music fan, old-school gamer, and computer whiz. I occasionally dabble in cartoonish pencil sketching, Legos, astronomy, hobbyist electronics, gem/mineral collecting, coin collecting (US and Great Britain), and programming (HTML, CSS, and the bash shell are among my talents). No job yet, but still looking—my full-time home job is being an obnoxious and witty Insect to my brother the Spider. Have been reading WoT since 2005. Website: Contact: insectoid (at) budwin (dot) net
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Ways Ways said (11 months ago):
I ONLY use IE on the anemic HP Mini I keep on the nightstand by my bed. Suppose I'm too lazy to go to the trouble of downloading Firefox on it (slowwww). But, yeah, what you said about carriage returns. I've used Firefox since the 0.5 beta and won't switch unless absolutely necessary (or on the Mini, I guess).