Liz Bourke
Dublin, Ireland
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Born. Lives. Reads.
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Hadiza Hadiza said (6 months ago):
Hello, I like your profile in this community network and I think you are a nice person. Can we get in contact? I'm sorry if i am embarrassing you, I got curious to know you better after viewing your profile i think that i have something important to exchanged with you i shall explain more about myself including my pictures, please E-mail me to ( Ngonehadiza13@gmx.com ) not in this site because i am a new in this community and i don't visit this site often, I'd like to get to know you if you don't mind Please i will Tell you more about my self thanks & regards Hadiza.
smonkey smonkey said (2 years ago):
Dear LizBourke, Please write a post about where to start in the Liaden Universe novels. Thank you, nat