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Suspected of being the Son of Sam. Threatened by metric system. Macmillan employee. Samuel L Jackson's biggest fan!
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lakechic lakechic said (4 years ago):
Hey Fritz can I have your e-mail so I can talk to you about the old black point camp?
kemau kemau said (6 years ago):
Hello there - i was trying to find where on a map camp black point was (w/ Mr Baker) where i went for years and your post came up (i was there for that B/W viewing) - and we got to watch the all star game too - i think this is the place take care (i dont remember you there was ray tong and warren and neil b....)
kemau kemau said (6 years ago):
Irene Irene said (6 years ago):
Hmmm, Son of Sam but no Sammy J?
arachnejericho arachnejericho said (6 years ago):
Thanks! The fun facts were quite fun to dig up. And led to even more books!
s76fitz s76fitz said (6 years ago):
dear frederick, EXCELLENT photos. as always. thank you for using my photo of you, again. vote early & often, s76fitz
fritzfoy fritzfoy said (6 years ago):
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