Roger Powell
Phoenix, Arizona
About Me
Late-50s; I work in the computer industry. Married late so I skipped kids and went directly to grandkids -- this approach is highly recommended! Originally from the Boston area, but I've been in Arizona more than 1/2 my life.
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Wetlandernw Wetlandernw said (1 year ago):
I bear the blame... ;)
KadesSwordElanor KadesSwordElanor said (1 year ago):
Just noticed your suggestion about the â??womenâ?? to â??womanâ?? thing. Thanks soooooo much. What a Freudian slip.
Ways Ways said (2 years ago):
Or, expanding on what Samadai said, you can put 'forkroot' in FB as your alternate name and it should then be easy for us to find you. Provided you want to be found. Are you really lost? Never mind. :-) Tremendously enjoyed meeting you at the Con, and the songbook is awesome!
Samadai Samadai said (2 years ago):
Roger, it was great to see you again too. I had a blast, it was a very good time. You can mention me all you want, that is okay with me. Look for me on FB and I can add you to the rereaders group.
Wetlandernw Wetlandernw said (2 years ago):
Hah! Right or wrong, at least it stirred some discussion.
Wetlandernw Wetlandernw said (2 years ago):
Well, great minds...! :) There was only one other guess. Odd, that. I think this group as a whole is still working on itself; maybe we haven't got to the "let's take a survey" stage yet. Okay, I can wait... unless you want to sneak me the answer. I suppose, knowing that my first guess was wrong, I could work on it with both hands for a bit and see if I can come up with another guess...
Wetlandernw Wetlandernw said (2 years ago):
So how long do we have to wait to find out what Michael Whelan said about the WoK cover? :)
Braid_Tug Braid_Tug said (2 years ago):
Hi Fork! Are you on the FB page? I have your audio file up.
moondivatx moondivatx said (2 years ago):
Thank you! for the sweet comment. I'm usually late to Leigh's post and don't have time to read all the post so I don't post for fear of duplication. It was a pleasure to have dinner with you and all the other times we happen to meet up. Hope to see you next year! xoxo
Wetlandernw Wetlandernw said (2 years ago):
Thanks so much! Keep on having fun there...