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A long-time SF reader, I cut my milk teeth on the Science Fiction Hall of Fame (Volume I) back in grade three "A Martian Odyssey" was the first "grown-up" story I ever read. As I recall it took me a few days and - boy! - was I ever proud of myself. By grade seven I had graduated to works as disparate as Dhalgren and The Lord of the Rings. I am a wannabe novelist, a blogger and recently got paid for reviewing A Lion Among Men. My website is www.ed-rex.com and I blog sporadically at www.ed-rex.livejournal.com.
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ed-rex ed-rex said (3 years ago):
Thus endeth Torchwood - very badly. http://ed-rex.com/reviews/television/torchwood/miracle_day/the_blood_line While Doctor Who shows signs of life. http://ed-rex.com/reviews/television/doctor_who/the_girl_who_waited
ed-rex ed-rex said (3 years ago):
Two for the price of one. Torchwood: The Gathering excoriation - I mean, review - at http://ed-rex.com/reviews/television/torchwood/miracle_day/the_gathering and Doctor Who: Night Terrors at http://ed-rex.com/reviews/television/doctor_who/night_terrors.
ed-rex ed-rex said (3 years ago):
Guess what? Doctor Who is back, and light-years better than the current incarnation of Torchwood. But that still isn't very good. http://ed-rex.com/reviews/television/doctor_who/lets_kill_hitler
ed-rex ed-rex said (3 years ago):
I feel almost shell-shocked. After reviewing eight episodes of Torchwood: Miracle Day, I'd almost forgotten that a television program set in the Whoniverse can actually be fun, that it can move. As a bonus, Steven Moffat has slipped a pretty major change into that universe's cannon, one likely to upset both traditionalists and racists alike. Of course, it's not all roses. To my mind, Steven Moffat's Who still suffers from a disregard for world-building and characterization that has been the sadly surprising hall-mark of his run as show-runner on the venerable franchise. For the good, the bad, and the frustrating (with spoilers), Let's Visit Hitler at http://ed-rex.com/reviews/television/doctor_who/lets_kill_hitler.
ed-rex ed-rex said (3 years ago):
It's really not getting much better. Religious and ethnic and class stereotypes, torture porn and cheap Christ allusion. Even the relatively sensitive gay love affair is, er, a trifle sullied, by murder and betrayal. Oh Rusell T, Russell T, why has though forsaken we? http://ed-rex.com/reviews/television/torchwood/miracle_day/immortal_sins
ed-rex ed-rex said (3 years ago):
Torchwood's march of stupidity keeps on crawling along. http://ed-rex.com/reviews/television/torchwood/miracle_day/the_middle_men
ed-rex ed-rex said (3 years ago):
Peter Watts has written a video-game adaptation. For a wonder, it's a pretty compelling read. My review is here: http://ed-rex.com/reviews/books/crysis_legion
ed-rex ed-rex said (3 years ago):
I've recently review Torchwood: Miracle Day. The over-view is here: http://ed-rex.com/reviews/television/torchwood/miracle_day My take on Episode one is here: http://ed-rex.com/reviews/television/torchwood/miracle_day/the_new_world And my review of Episode Three is here: http://ed-rex.com/reviews/television/torchwood/miracle_day/rendition.
ed-rex ed-rex said (3 years ago):
I don't imagine many people are reading this, but what the hell. If you've been wondering what's gone wrong with Doctor Who, I've figured it out. http://ed-rex.com/reviews/television/doctor_who/a_good_man_goes_to_war
ed-rex ed-rex said (3 years ago):
"My shoutbox", eh? Is this the place where I engage in blatant self-promotion? If so, I thought quite highly of Fred Pohl's latest, and if you visit the following link, you can find out why. http://ed-rex.com/reviews/books/all_the_lives_he_led