Douglas Lain
Portland, Oregon
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Douglas Lain is a fiction writer, blogger, copywriter, and most recently a “pop philosopher” for the popular blog Thought Catalog. His work has regularly appeared in nationally distributed literary magazines and journals such as Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet and Amazing Stories since 1999, and his first book Last Week’s Apocalypse was a collection of these stories published by Night Shade Books. His second short story collection is entitled Fall Into Time and was published by Fantastic Planet Press (an imprint of the Bizarro publisher Eraserhead) in June of 2011. A novella entitled “Wave of Mutilation“is due out from Fantastic Planet Press in October of 2011. His surreal nonfiction book “Pick Your Battle” was published in July of 2011 with Kickstarter funding. Finally, Lain’s first novel, entitled “Billy Moon: 1968,” tells the story of Christopher Robin Milne’s fictional involvement with the French general strike in May of 1968, is due out from Tor Books in 2013.
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