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rhandric on Words of Radiance Reread: Chapter 2 at Friday June 27, 2014
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Wetlandernw Wetlandernw said (4 years ago):
Well, I'd better go check it out! :)
Alphaleonis Alphaleonis said (4 years ago):
Thanks for your input. Your opinion and mine are obviously different. Yes, there were many other sins in S & G. Yes the sin of Sodomy has been practiced elsewhere. God just chose to make an emphatic statement there. Also as my post on the reread said, God included homosexuality as a sin punishable by death in His law to Moses ( of course I know, so was gathering sticks on the Sabbath)
Wetlandernw Wetlandernw said (4 years ago):
Ooops!! That's what I get for posting so late at night. I noted your criticism of the "competency porn" term, which was part of why I said what I did. My comments were initially intended by way of supporting your distaste rather than criticism of you for using it. The rest was one of those rhetorical questions to anyone else who might care. How about moment of competence (MOC), or even moment of awesome competence (MOAC). They'd be easier to type, too. :) Again, I apologize for not realizing how it sounded before I posted.
forkroot forkroot said (4 years ago):
CC - your last comment on the Winter's Heart Part 10 thread was really well done. I'm a little worried that it will be missed with the new post up.
misfortuona misfortuona said (4 years ago):
Personal appologies for grabbing your name, but honestly it was just to good an opportunity to pass up. I really do have Toh, will make it up if you make JordanCon next year.
Tektonica Tektonica said (4 years ago):
More than OK posts! Really good. Hope you can find it in your heart to forgive Sam and Mis....Sam is a known "prankster"...he must be a bad influence on Mis. Those two! Make up some great, ridiculous service they must perform to meet their toh!
Tektonica Tektonica said (4 years ago):
Welcome to the "gray" club. You're a great addition to our conversations...funny and smart. It's really a very cool group. So diverse and interesting. Keep up the great posting!
misfortuona misfortuona said (4 years ago):
Welcome to the club Chris. Glad you're here. I've been finding your posts wonderfully funny and well thought out.