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Update: Got my hands on The Watchmen comic this weekend. Just started reading it today ^_^ I think I'll start formatting all my about me's this way... Who: careY What: femme; online marketing machine Where: Brooklyn; Macmillan When: always have been; since '06 Why: I have two X chromosomes and I
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Guest said (5 years ago):
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Guest said (5 years ago):
hello. you might not be the right person to ask, so please forgive me if you have no idea. I have just started a blog devoted to SF/F book reviews, essays, etc. I am trying to find someone at Tor/Forge who can tell me how to go about getting on the list for review copies. I am already on the lists of many publishers, but without Tor, I am really missing out on a lot of titles. If you can help me, please email me: again, sorry if you're the wrong person to ask...thank you so much for your time.
Littluns Littluns said (5 years ago):
Hi Carey, Thanks for the quick reply. You can go to Littluns, or my article, "A collision course with evil?" where you will see it is all formatted as one paragraph. I spent hours trying to find a way to correct the problem with no success. Also, I inadvertently copied and pasted material NOT intended to be included with the article and could NOT go back in and delete it. We all should be able to edit and change any of our submissions at any time. There's no help, edit, or contact tabs available to trouble shoot. Even the area for comments formats as one long paragraph with no breaks. Please let me know if you find any answers to these issues. There's at least 5 paragraph breaks in this message. Is that the way you received them?
Littluns Littluns said (5 years ago):
Carey, FYI, there is a problem with an absence of paragraphs breaks on the TOR site. Everything comes out as one paragraph. Also, is there a way for an author to return to his article to make edits or cuts? Please advise.
seamus seamus said (6 years ago):
yeah, an oversight, that?
seamus seamus said (6 years ago):
you can do dark magic too!