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Tektonica Tektonica said (3 years ago):
I'll send you an email or private message on FB, as what I might say about Karsa is too long for this box! Glad the Fam is good! Those little kiddie days were the best! And over all too soon.
Tektonica Tektonica said (3 years ago):
Hi Blind! I'm about a third of the way into House of Chains...why? I'm trying to finish it before Nov. 2. There are some really good parts of HoC. Are you reading it? Questions? Where are you in your read? And's the Fam? Haven't gotten to speak to you lately!
Terez27 Terez27 said (3 years ago):
I believe you are thinking of either Frenzy or Ishara. Was that at the Moiraine panel? I believe I was late to that one, or didn't make it at all, but Frenzy insisted for years that Moiraine was dead and not coming back because of that; she thinks it's demeaning to Moiraine's character to be rescued. She finally stopped insisting Moiraine was dead after KOD, but she still argues the 'damsel in distress thing', and Ishara jumped on her bandwagon at JCon last year. Frenzy has red-dyed long hair, and Ishara is Latino. I am sometimes mistaken for a Latino - they often try to speak Spanish to me at Mexican restaurants - but really, I just have dark hair and eyes. ;)
Terez27 Terez27 said (4 years ago):
I just posted about this on Theoryland a while ago before I saw your post, lol. Great minds think alike, apparently. ;) Pretty much the same sentiment, too...I did say I think it's not likely he'll chill on Dragonmount long enough to dwell on what he has to weep about. I expect the lightness to last a little while before the tragedy begins.
Tektonica Tektonica said (4 years ago):
So glad you have joined us! Thick. Dense. Packed with clues. The reread is really helpful....they've been pretty good about not being Spoilery, as one of the two bloggers is a newbie too. But they have given hints as to what to pay attention to. It's helpful. Very different from WOT. Good. I'm into Book 3 now, Memories of Ice. The writing is superb. His battle descriptions are brutal and visceral, but poignant and moving. Sometimes I just gasp at a turn of phrase or concept. I am loving this stuff. As I told RobM, Fiddler, lostinshadow, Alisonwonderland and a few more have read them all and are blogging there too. If you want to ask me anything email me or send a message on FB. Welcome aboard! Keep your hands inside the car at all times and hold onto your hat!
Sulin Sulin said (4 years ago):
Blind, I re-read the post you wrote about Rand back in Feb, that you linked to in this week's post @57. I just wanted to say- marvelous job! You expressed exactly what I've been thinking for a long time now. Poor Rand's been through so much and gets a bad wrap even here, a lot of times. Anywho, thanks for that great piece of writing! :)
lostinshadow lostinshadow said (4 years ago):
I hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil. and thank you :D
lostinshadow lostinshadow said (4 years ago):
Hi Blind sorry, i think my privacy settings were hiding the shoutbox, should be ok now.
insectoid insectoid said (4 years ago):
Yeah, that's pretty funny! And is going cuckoo...
insectoid insectoid said (4 years ago):
Clever montage! I've noticed that Seamus has never done a pic of Gawyn or Elaida... hmm.