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Executive Editor, Tor Books. Plus desert dweller, horsewoman, telecommuter, occasional writer, sometime blogger.
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<em>Lamentation</em>, Chapter 2 (Excerpt) Lamentation, Chapter 2 (Excerpt) by Ken Scholes at Thu Feb 19 2009 9:30am
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Netmouse Netmouse said (4 years ago):
Hey! congrats on being nominated for the Hugo Award for Best Editor (long form)! - as we aproach voting time, I encourage you to add a list of books you edited in 2008 to your sf editors wiki page at or drop me a list at and I'll post it.
neutronjockey neutronjockey said (5 years ago):
Yes Mrs. Meacham. :( (holds out knuckles) However, bringing back to the top might get it noticed enough to have it removed or the user banned. I'm all about self-promoting ---that was just blatant.
kenscholes kenscholes said (5 years ago):
Boo! :)
Irene Irene said (5 years ago):
shout test
bam bam said (5 years ago):
Checking my own shoutbox, to see what happens now.