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Recently I'm starting to write more about SF/Fantasy, with an eye towards getting deeper into the genre. Sometimes I do go on about Sherlock Holmes. You can find my blog at Spontaneous Derivation, where I have declared my intentions to marry the Kindle. Now including updates on new Fantasy and Science Fiction for the Kindle. By the way, small amounts of HTML work in your profile.
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Giant Giant said (5 years ago):
hahaha, well said.
Giant Giant said (5 years ago):
Apologies for the buggery on you're Twitter piece, mate. You're right, it's not the shite to be puttin' on a discussion. I'm the asshole, here, I'll admit it. If I could, I'd buy you a round. Cheers.
fritzfoy fritzfoy said (6 years ago):
Loved your fun facts in your blog
bam bam said (6 years ago):
Hello to you too. It's always me, you know.
LMAshton LMAshton said (6 years ago):
Hey, Arachne, why do I keep running into you everywhere? ;)