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Nashville, TN
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I'm a professional web analyst with a long-standing love affair with fantasy and sci-fi. In particular, I love the Wheel of Time books and anything that Brandon Sanderson has published thus far. I also enjoy costuming, with Cadsuane and Lanfear -- two of the most despised characters from the Wheel of Time - both appearing as part of my usual wardrobe. I've been known to frequent JordanCon - where I am co-director, along with Paul Bielaczyc, of its art show - Hypericon and DragonCon, as well as the Wheel of Time Reread threads, where I lurk as ably as Moghedian.
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SchuylerH SchuylerH said (4 months ago):
Thankyou. I'm happy that someone has found something worth reading in my incoherent ramblings.
SchuylerH SchuylerH said (4 months ago):
Hello, did you follow me earlier?
aprildmoore aprildmoore said (1 year ago):
Yes, insectoid, green is ideal. :-) Museum Replicas has the current licenses for many Wheel of Time items; preliminary reviews have been pretty favorable. Hopefully they will get it out to you soon. See y'all at JordanCon, right? Oh, and I was going to mention, I am hoping to have three or four Aes Sedai shawls to put in the charity auction for folks. These are ones I custom make. So if your mom wants one.... :-)
insectoid insectoid said (1 year ago):
Thanks for the message. We did find an Asha'man coat (from this site: http://www.museumreplicas.com/p-2121-ashaman-coat.aspx), but don't know yet when it ships. BTW, for your button, do you want an Ajah color (like Green, for Cadsuane)?
aprildmoore aprildmoore said (1 year ago):
I am on Facebook - but I guess I didn't know there was a reread page? I'll go looking for it. I'll also give the shirt some thought - I did see something mentioned about that, but I never had chance to locate the post again, lol. Thanks!
Man-0-Manetheran Man-0-Manetheran said (1 year ago):
Hi April: Glad you are coming to JCon. I am sending you a quick heads-up regarding a special JordanCon/Leigh Butler Re-Read commemorative t-shirt. We posted this on Facebook and still trying to get it on Tor.com. I do not think you are on FB, so I wanted you to know a.s.a.p. Iâ??ll be brief: just go to www.zazzle.com/braidtug and you will find two shirt choices as well as other products. Ron
Sulin Sulin said (4 years ago):
Psssst, I love your Cadsuane costume! :)