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Freelancer Freelancer said (1 year ago):
No worries. I was tacitly agreeing with the commentor to whom I was responding, just to say that THIS fundamentalist had zero hard feelings about Lewis. Anybody who could turn their nose up at him is far too legalistic, and I admit that I know of a few. And, while a hardcore fundamentalist, I do not require of others any convictions which are not commanded by Scripture. Lewis was a man of impeccable integrity, which is why the challenge (not issued by Tolkien, but egged on by him) was fruitful.
CireNaes CireNaes said (2 years ago):
Hah! Madison is a fun place, but we are off to Northwestern and are looking at condos this week. Here's hoping we can keep our 90lbs dog...
CireNaes CireNaes said (2 years ago):
Hey Anthony, I've been rounding out the semester, making sure I'm squared away for Annual Training this summer, looking for places to move so my wife can start her Ph.D., and starting a new trial to hire position while making sure I'm leaving on good terms at the church I'm currently pastoring at. Life is killing me right now. I've squeezed a little more time for WoT out and I've been reading all the comments as usual. JL did a decent job with your earlier question. If something noteworthy happened (e.g., srEDIT's recent loss) I've been sure to express my support. I'll start posting again in the next few days.
travyl travyl said (3 years ago):
Hi Anthony I started reading english books to preserve my vobabulary. So I gladly learn from you all, no problem if I have to look up words one in a while. Quite easy actually with internet.
lostinshadow lostinshadow said (3 years ago):
feist and eddings are/were two of my favorites so that's a good sign...really don't like GRRM, drives me batty. Malazan is hard to get into, I would say the first 3, maybe even 4 books are like a prologue (which considering their length is disturbing) and the story doesn't really take off till book 5 so hey I can respect not being able to plough through it.
lostinshadow lostinshadow said (3 years ago):
lostinshadow lostinshadow said (3 years ago):
Hi Anthony, thanks for the review on Rothfuss. Just to put your reading preferences into some frame of reference for myself, how do you feel about GRRM and/or SE's Malazan? I posted on your shoutbox so as not to divert the WoT discussion too much.
David_C David_C said (3 years ago):
Hi Anthony, you ask if there is anyone writing anything anywhere near as good as NotW and tWMF in any genre. Of course answers are subject, but I would put forward Stephen Donaldson's Order and Chaos series, at least in the pinball wizardry in the plot department. This one is reasonably hard SF with nasty characters, so not as romantic as NotW, but I would argue equally good. His two-volume series that starts with The Mirror of her Dreams is a much sweeter fantasy that also has a clever plot. At any rate, one thing about Donaldson is that he can change the type of story he writes completely. I have yet to enjoy any of his White Gold Wielder novels.
subwoofer subwoofer said (3 years ago):
well, the States does blow when it comes to foreign policy. Kissinger was the last good Sec of State that had a grasp of things. Iraq? Setting things right? naw... that's not what the war was about to begin with, it was about #2 oil reserves in the world. If it was about doing the right thing, places like, Bosia Darfur and Sierra Leone, where genocide was taking place would have been front page. it is what it is and yeah, we agree to disagree:)
Wetlandernw Wetlandernw said (3 years ago):
Just had to say... thanks for your post on KoD 16 @122. I was thinking much the same, but am so SICK of this unending mess. I loved your comment that it's almost impossible to insert a gay character so that the readers know he's gay without inserting either a sex scene, an awkwardly gratuitous explanation or a stereotype (which would be resented even more!). I have tried to say much the same, but I think I used too many words and they didn't get it! Anyway, thanks for saying it so I don't have to. I'm trying not to touch it again, at least today!