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Decade’s Best Science Fiction/Fantasy Movies Viewer’s Poll 288 replies | 19292 views
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Animorphs: Why the Series Rocked and Why You Should Still Care 28 replies | 9508 views
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Anime Year in Review: The Ten Best Shows of 2014 28 replies | 15479 views KellyQ KellyQ
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cmpalmer cmpalmer said (3 years ago):
Regarding your comment #35 on the GoT read-through: I am assuming the conflict was over my secret service analogy and not my other comment about being pissed off at Ned and sympathizing with Robert? No big deal, but I was just confused because others discuss the same analogy and I'm unsure what it reveals (Aerys was crazy, Jaime killed him) that wasn't in this chapter. Either way, that comment has been deleted (with my blessing), but I was just curious. I also asked tnh to delete the other messages referencing the deleted one, but I don't know if she will.
SaltManZ SaltManZ said (3 years ago):
Yeah, the single worst aspect of the NJO (IMO) was that Jacen's development in [b]Traitor[/b] was completely ignored. I don't know if you read any post-NJO books, or at least caught up with events, but a lot of fans were upset with the direction they took Jacen's character post-NJO. Personally, I didn't mind it; I wish things had gone differently, but I can accept what happened. His handling in the latter NJO books, though, still rankles a little.
thomstel thomstel said (4 years ago):
From DG Ch. 8+9 Re-read thread: The narration aspect of TtH is what I was referring to, as well as the associated shift in the rhythm (although that's not really the right word either) of the storytelling. The chapter where I "got it" was the one that starts with the notion of love, and waxes philosophical about its nature, its many aspects, etc. Then the chapter's plot begins and the notion is left behind, and as a coda, returns to the concept of love at the end. It was then that I realized that the entirety of the chapter, together, was a very neatly constructed package of Really Good (tm). Had I not realized that, and started looking for it more throughout that book, I would have continued to be irritated by the obtuse philosophical parts embedded in my Malazan story.