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ZenBossanova ZenBossanova said (6 months ago):
I was curious if any decision had been made about possible Mistborn re-read. Or Warbreaker or Elantris for that matter.
stevenhalter stevenhalter said (10 months ago):
I'm glad you liked my redirect. I was really hoping for useful discussion there.
stevenhalter stevenhalter said (10 months ago):
ZenBossanova ZenBossanova said (11 months ago):
Right, it did have a shardhunt code on one side, with a picture of Szeth and that was straightforward. But the other side says: Szeth-son-son-Vallano Champion - Szeth Factions - Roshar, Assassins Play: IR-10 P: 2 C: 1 S:2 A: Choose a champion. Until your next turn, it can't be activated and its footing gives no Investiture. The figure is perforated so that you can pop Szeth out, and put him on a little stand. But if you have not heard anything, I expect we will just need to keep our ears open.
ZenBossanova ZenBossanova said (11 months ago):
Question for you, at the signing I went to, my daughter asked a question and she got a plastic Szeth card that appears to be part of a game. I say, appears, because I can't find any info on it on either Brandon's site, or 17th shard. Do you know anything about it?
ToothPuller ToothPuller said (1 year ago):
you mentioned an ebook in a recent post. Can I bug you with a question? I am looking for an ebook that I can print chapters from. I don't have enough self control to stop myself from reading all night and I have to work on the 5th :] Does your ebook do that and if so, where did you order it from. Thank you.
Longtimefan Longtimefan said (1 year ago):
if only they had a thumbs up tag at the end of each comment. lol I totally know where you are coming from and as always you said it very well.
traveler traveler said (1 year ago):
Hi how's things. I've been following everything but I just wanted to ask you something so hay what's up
traveler traveler said (1 year ago):
I'm sitting here wondering what it is that you have realized. I was thinking about Shallon and her cryptic and creation spend and if she was capable of creating shards or other things through her imagination. This thought isn't necessarily right but it was my first thought as I saw her spren occupying her drawing. I think that is why she attracted so many creation spren at that time.
ZenBossanova ZenBossanova said (1 year ago):
I just realized you had messaged me in the shoutbox... two months ago. And actually, yes, I would love a SteelHeart code, if you have one to spare. I tried searching through the 17th Shard site, but to no avail. Thanks!